Annual General Meeting (AGM) Notices - 2017

  • This page contains all information related to Election of Committee and the AGM.
  • This page will be updated progressively as required.
  • New:
    • 1-Sep — see (1) Nomination of Committee Members
    • 19-Sep — See: (2) Notice of AGM Meeting
      • + remainder of page, namely items (3), (4) & (5)
    • 21-Sep
      • Minor amendments to Notice of AGM Meeting — see (2) below
      • Proxy form - v3 - substantial changes — see (3) below



  • (1) Nomination of Committee Members
    • Closes 29 September 2017 at 4:00 PM
  • (2) Notice of AGM Meeting
  • (3) Proxy Form for AGM
  • (4) Voting — Election of members to Committee
  • (5) AGM Meeting
    • Wed 1-Nov-2017, 7:30pm


(1) Nomination of Committee Members

  • As at 1-Sep-2017,

    • Nominations are now open for the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and eight Committee Members for a 12 month period commencing November 2017.

    • Nomination form — published 1-Sep — download here

    • Completed nomination forms may now be submitted (instructions on form)

    • Completed forms must be posted early enough to be received by Friday, 29 September 2017 at 4:00 PM.


(2) Notice of AGM Meeting

  • Notice of AGM — email to members sent 19 & 20-Sep-2017 — download here

    • incorporates later changes up to 21-Sep — Agenda item 5 (reviewing financial statements); Agenda item 7 (Student B $35).


(3) Proxy Form for AGM

  • A member may appoint another member to vote and speak on his or her behalf at the AGM — see Rule 35.
    • Proxies enable you to vote if you cannot attend the AGM by having someone, who is attending the meeting, exercise your vote (according to your directions if you give them such directions).
    • As the election is postal-voting ONLY, proxies are NOT used for election-voting. The election results will be announced at the AGM.
    • Proxies will be used for voting all motions at the AGM (inc. accepting minutes, reports, financial statements, and annual subscription fees).
  • Proxy form — download here 
    • v3 published 20-Sep - v3 has change to Motion re reviewing financial statements, and adds Motions re President's report, and accepting financial accounts.
  • Completed forms must be posted early enough to be received by 3.00 pm Monday 30-Oct-2017. Full instructions are at the bottom of the form.


(4) Voting — Election of members to Committee

  • The Nomination process of candidates for Committee is in item (1) above.
  • If there are more nominations than available positions, a postal-voting only election [Rule 53] will be held during October.
    • to be advised early October, by email and this webpage


(5) AGM Meeting

  • When: Wed 1-Nov-2017, 7:30pm
  • Where: MelbPC HQ, Level 1, Suite 26, 479 Warrigal Road, Moorabbin.
    • Building entry can be tricky, but it's easy with our guide here
  • Bring: your Membership Card (or Membership Number) to the meeting — it will be required for voting on the Motions
  • Monthly Meeting and the AGM Meeting
    • The regular Monthly Meeting (starting 7pm) will be suspended at 7:30pm.
    • The AGM will then commence in the same main room.
    • When the AGM ends, the regular Monthly Meeting will be resumed.
  • Election of new Committee
    • The above Nomination & Election process (postal-only voting) will end days before the AGM - see (4) above.
    • As the election is postal-voting only, there will not be any voting to elect Committee at the AGM (either by proxy or in person).
    • The election results will be announced at the AGM.
  • Documents for consideration at the AGM
    • The following documents will be downloadable here by late October, when they become available — Rule 31(4)
    • Agendadownload not yet available - contained in (2) above
    • Draft Minutes for last year's AGM — download not yet available
    • President's Report — download not yet available
    • Financial documents [per Rule 31(4)]:
      • Treasurer's Report for year ending 30-Jun-2017 — download not yet available
      • Financial Statements for the year ended 30-June-2016 (audited & signed) — download not yet available
        • Includes Statement of Financial Performance (Income and Expenditure), and Statement of Financial Position (Detailed Balance Sheet)
  • For reference, MelbPC Rules are on the About Us webpage.