Configuring Opera M2 to filter spam

This page details how to configure Opera M2 (v7.2) to filter e-mail marked as possible spam by MelbPC's mail server. Currently ??Spam?? is added at the beginning of the subject line so the filtering is based on this.

Step 1

Opera M2 works in a different manner to other mail clients when it comes to filtering. It leaves all received e-mail in a Received box and any filter action only establishes links to an e-mail - it's not actually moved but always remains in Received until deleted. This means an e-mail can appear in multiple places. You can either try the Internal filter or create your own based on ??Spam??.

Start Opera and then Mail > Filters.

Step 2

Click Add filter then choose Subject, Contains and for the filtering criterion enter ??Spam??.

Examine the contents of the Spam folder & delete as desired - it will be deleted from the Received box also.

Step 3

If you routinely receive e-mail such as newsletters that are labelled with ??Spam?? you can modify the ??Spam?? filter to stop the newsletters appearing in the Spam folder.

Click Add filter then choose And, From header, Does not contain and for the filtering criterion enter the address of the sender - mailouts@melbpc.org.au in this example.

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