Meeting Details: Jan to Nov on the Fourth Wednesday of the month from 6:30pm til 9:30pm at Melb PC Headquarters, Unit 26, Level 1, 479 Warrigal Rd, Moorabbin. — Please bring a memory stick to use for Code::Blocks (portable), to write your own code & take it with you.
Conveners: John Viney

The next meeting will be on: Wednesday, 22 Feb 2017.

Last meeting was on Wednesday, 25 Jan 2017.
Number of Attendees: 1

Comments: We can do better...

What happened: We discussed what various languages might be of use or appeal. Had a look at working windows program and it's implementation.

This is a fresh year, and there have been many changes. We look forward to increasing the group size and some of it's interests and overlaps. Related SIGs that might be interested in programming, and SIGs that might be of interest of to those in programming.

We are looking at a change of Name for the Programming SIG.
Current options are:
  Coding & Programming
Other options are welcomed, please feel free to provide them at the next meeting.

At the next meeting Wednesday, 22 Feb 2017, we will be looking at Python. We can have a look at making it portable. We will have a look at converting Python Code to an Executable "EXE" file. Terminal access and using it for a basic game will also be looked at. Please bring any questions or ideas with you. Whilst it's listed elsewhere, remember to bring something to take notes with, and a good idea is a memory stick, to take Code home and use as a portable programming environment.

We aim to educate each other on various languages, with C/C++ being the primary language of interest. There are many opportunities for learning about programming: Writing your own software, adding functionality to existing applications in the form of add-ons or scripts, or just to better understand how a computer program works. Possibilities include: adding extra abilities or options to your favourite game(s), adding or increasing the functionality of media players such as VLC, fine tuning a text editor like notepad++, or even making changes to a spreadsheet or word document. You can also gain the benefits of improving your mathematics and algebra skills.
We are happy to delve into other languages such as Python, Java, Basic, Pascal, Delphi, or any programming language you wish to suggest.
Raspberry Pi cluster programming is another area we will be exploring.

It is strongly recommended, you always bring a memory stick to keep a copy of whatever code you write or for storing your own notes. If you feel more comfortable with pen/pencil & paper, then please feel free to bring your own materials.