Meeting Details: Mornington Information Centre, 320 Main St, Mornington. Car park entrance from Elizabeth Street. Every 3rd Monday a month except December & January. 09.30 AM to 12.00 noon Main Meeting, Convener Terry Said. The Digital Imaging Group is now in recess. 01.30 PM to 04.30 PM Family History Meeting Convener Colin Ackehurst (trial time change from October 16)
Conveners: Terry Said, Ian Thomson, Colin Ackehurst and Brian Parkes

Next Meeting: Monday 20th March 2017

Mornington Information Centre, 320 Main Street, Mornington at 9.30 AM See Map

 Our usual Agenda (please note change in afternoon times)

  • 09.30 AM The meeting's first session, Q&A with Brian Parkes
  • 10:30 AM till 12 noon  (Following the coffee break) Presentation on varied subjects
  • 01.30 PM to 4.30 PM Family History by Colin Ackehurst (note the new time of 1.30 PM as trial, allowing the first half an hour as a “DNA Discussion” agenda item.)  

This was our Agenda for 20th February 2017 at 9.30 AM 

FIRST SESSION: Q & A leads the topics, and Brian Parkes is just itching for curly questions.

Following Brian an information update regarding the HQ introduction of a interactive & overall management system which is currently being implemented.  This is primarily geared to the Microsoft 365 system and the use of our MPCHG email listing. In the next month or so a detailed presentation will be available from HQ, however the  better general understand will no doubt enhance the understanding of the where we going and why.

Brigitte will then give an overview and some details regarding our WEB page.

 Following  the coffee break, the second session begins, concluding at approx Noon..

 To assist all members in understanding the Msoft office 365 program, which is free to all members including 1TB of cloud storage and a club email address. 

Approx 20 min session on initially logging in via the portal, including  new password if you have lost the originally issued  password, establishing your ONEDRIVE account and logging into the 365 Office programs, and a quick overview of other  options  eg Yammer, and various techo interest groups.

A second 20 min session regarding MPCUG email address, and log ON. including password change etc.  Following your initial email set up, a brief overview  if you also use a WEB email address as your primary default, and  wish to automatically collect your MPCUG  mail and display it with your PRIMARY WEB mail. 

Final session An Open discussion regarding PHISHING what is it,  and consideration re identifying validity.

 Part 2 commences at 1:30 DNA discussion for approx 30 mins, then Various Family History data base information. Please note a detailed Agenda email re the Family History items is separately forwarded to any member who has attended a Family History  meeting, or any member who requests to receive this meeting Agenda. See our Family History web page

Please note each Meeting Agenda is also posted by Brigitte on our Mornington SIG WEB Page.

Best wishes,  Terry Said, Convener Mornington MPCUG SIG

Updated: 22nd February 2017