Meeting Details: Mornington Information Centre, 320 Main St, Mornington. Car park entrance from Elizabeth Street. Every 3rd Monday a month except December & January. 09.30 AM to 12.00 noon Main Meeting, Convener Terry Said. The Digital Imaging Group is now in recess. 01.30 PM to 04.30 PM Family History Meeting Convener Colin Ackehurst (trial time change from October 16)
Conveners: Terry Said, Ian Thomson, Colin Ackehurst and Brian Parkes

Next Meeting: Monday 15th May 2017

We wish our Members and Friends a Happy Easter break and Welcome you back in May

There is no meeting in April: Easter Monday

Mornington Information Centre, 320 Main Street, Mornington at 9.30 AM See Map

 Our usual Agenda (please note change in afternoon times)

  • 09.30 AM The meeting's first session, Q&A with Brian Parkes
  • 10:30 AM till 12 noon  (Following the coffee break) Presentation on varied subjects
  • 01.30 PM to 4.30 PM Family History by Colin Ackehurst (note the new time of 1.30 PM as trial, allowing the first half an hour as a “DNA Discussion” agenda item.)  

    Note:   There will not be any meeting in April as the 3rd Monday falls on 17th April which is Easter Monday – a pubic holiday.

    tHIS WAS THE Agenda for 20th March 2017 at 9.30 AM 

Session 1 Commencing at 9:30 is with Brian leading the  way with Q & A. Brian unloading his brain, and no doubt reaching deep into the hidded neurons of the computer department of his brain (all without passwords) and is ready to inform and explain the inner secrets of your computing worries.  Following Q & A  a short presentation of  Power Distribution and Lithium Batteries will help charge the the brain still further,  and eager for a coffee break.

 Session 2 Commences at approx 10:45 with a Presentation by John Hall from our MELBPC HQ team.  This team is charged with rejigging our Data Base Management System with a Cloud based MMS program. This program is currently being prepared with an operational date approx mid year.  

It is an important step forward  in the progressive operational requirements of our MELBPC organisation....All members  should be involved in this  program and have a reasonable understanding of it value and operation. At our Group level it will directly facilitate any SIGs accessing and directly contributing to the data base....You attendance at this meeting is important to you and to our Committee.

 Lunch Break. Noon

 Session 3 Family History gets underway at 1:30pm with the opening part relating to DNA options & issues.
Agenda items  with Colin are to be forwarded direct to any member attending  any previous family history meeting. See details at our Family History page

Best wishes,  Terry Said, Convener Mornington MPCUG SIG

Updated: 27th March 2017