Monthly Disk April 2010


Anti Virus

Hazard Shield - Ver:

A handy anti-spyware program with real-time protection, Hazard Shield is a small and easy to use anti-spyware program designed to detect, remove, and prevent spyware, trojans, backdoors, adware, rootkits, and many other threats.

Hazard Shield includes features found in many paid security applications, such as scheduled scans and automatic updates.

Hazard Shield also has powerful real-time protection that can prevent the installation of malicious programs. Free tech support is also available at any time, should you ever have any problems. Get Hazard Shield and take it for a spin to see what it can actually do for you!

Minimum requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ ·NET framework 2.0

HouseCall - Ver: 7.1

PCWorld Review of HouseCall (32-bit version) :-

"Trend Micro - one of the most respected companies in security software--offers HouseCall, a free Web-based utility that scans for and cleans your computer of all currently documented viruses, Trojans and other malware.

In addition, HouseCall seeks out firewall problems and other vulnerabilities, and makes suggestions for correcting them. We do not recommend using HouseCall in lieu of an installed security program. But it has saved our computers numerous times, when all else failed. Its new version is not only compatible with Windows 7, but you can download either a 32-bit or 64-bit version of its launcher.

Setting up HouseCall is a breeze. You can choose to do a Quick Scan, Full Scan or Custom Scan (choosing which drives and folders - including connected network drives - will be analysed). If you're in a hurry, you may also want to check the option to have HouseCall fix all found problems. If you prefer to look at each problem found, and select which ones to fix, leave that option unchecked.

Then, click on Scan Now, and sit back and wait. Depending on the size and density of your drives, the type scan you choose, the speed of your computer, and the speed of your internet connection, it can take fifteen minutes (for a Quick Scan of critical system files) to several hours (for Complete or comprehensive Custom Scans). Our Custom Scan of all folders and files on two local and four network drives took five hours and four minutes.

Unlike previous versions of HouseCall, which ran completely online, this newest iteration uses a downloadable launcher. That means you no longer have to worry about browser compatibilities or having the latest Java installed. During the scan, the launcher first verifies that you have the latest version of the program, and automatically downloads any updates you might need, before actually launching. We feel that is an extra step that shouldn't be necessary, when you've just downloaded the launcher; shouldn't it be the newest version already? Once launched, HouseCall Then, it checks file patterns on your computer against Trend Micro's latest database of malicious files, via your Internet connection. A progress bar and timer tell you how much time has lapsed and the percentage of the job that is complete, so you can walk away and know approximately when to return.

When the scan is complete, HouseCall generates a report of all threats found and actions taken to fix the problems. It also provides information for any that were found but not repaired, so that you can investigate further. This time around, it found nothing on our test system - happily. Other times that we've used it, HouseCall has located and neutralized considerable threats to our systems.

Trend Micro is known for its aggressive and frequent updates of malware definitions, which means that HouseCall will catch the vast majority of active malicious files that might lurk in your system. But, because of its thoroughness, HouseCall can be time-consuming. It's best to run it at a time when you aren't planning to use your computer, such as overnight.

HouseCall is a great resource for anyone who suspects that their computer woes may be related to malicious files - or for those who just want to double-check that their installed security program is doing its job.

NOTE : This software comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. This is the 32-bit version. If your 64-bit PC is running a 64-bit OS, please download the 64-bit version instead."

Minimum requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7

Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7 - Ver: 1.0.1959.0

Microsoft Security Essentials provides real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

Microsoft Security Essentials is a free download from Microsoft that is simple to install, easy to use, and always kept up to date so you can be assured your PC is protected by the latest technology. It’s easy to tell if your PC is secure — when you’re green, you’re good. It’s that simple.

Microsoft Security Essentials runs quietly and efficiently in the background so that you are free to use your Windows-based PC the way you want—without interruptions or long computer wait times.

Minimum requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7

Virus Effect Remover - Ver:

Virus Effect Remover is a tool which helps you to remove the effects of viruses from the windows registry and file system.

It also detects the registry errors caused by viruses and enables blocked content like Task Manager, registry editor, folder option etc.

Virus Effect Remover can aid the user in removing effects from the Windows file system and the Windows Registry. One of the main functions of it is that it can re-enable access to the Windows Task Manager, Registry Editor, MSconfig and the Process List.

Other options include process details that can be used to kill any running process including files that are currently in use by it. These processes and files can be added to a blacklist so that they will not be executed anymore even if they try to do so automatically.

Minimum requirements: Windows XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 7


BestSync 2010 - Ver: 5.0.50

BestSync 2010 is a professional utility for following solutions: synchronise files between PCs by utilising network storage, FTP server, USB drive; synchronise Outlook (mail, contact, schedule etc) and Windows Mail between PCs by utilising network storage, FTP server, USB drive; backup your critical files to the external hard disk, network storage, FTP server etc automatically.

You can publish your web site conveniently by FTP. Only updated files are transferred to, and deleted files are removed from your web site. BestSync 2010 has an easy to use interface. It allows copying opened/locked file, backup database, secure your data by compression and encryption, prevent file from being corrupted at any occasion.

You can resume transfer file from last breakpoint to copy large file in unstable network. The application supports FTP proxy server to sync files behind the file wall. It runs as Windows Service, no user is needed to logon.

Licence: Free
Minimum requirements: Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 2008/ 7

FreeFileSync - Ver: 3.3

FreeFileSync is an easy to use open-source folder synchronisation and comparison software. It is used for fast and easy configurable sync operations between two folders without restricted or overloaded UI interfaces.

Here are some key features of "FreeFileSync" :-

  • Compare files (bytewise or by date) and synchronise them.
  • No limitations: An arbitrary number of files can be synchronised.
  • Sub folders are also synchronised, including empty folders.
  • Network support.
  • Lean & easy accessible UI: Highly optimised for speed and huge sets of data.
  • Algorithms coded in C++ completely.
  • Focus on usability: Only necessary functionality on UI: no overloaded menus or icon jungle / Select folders via drag & drop / Last configuration and screen settings are saved automatically / Maintain and load different configurations by drag&drop, load-button or command line / Double-click to show file in explorer / Copy & paste support to export file-lists / Delete superfluous/temporary files directly on main grid / Right-click context menu / Progress indicators, status information and error reporting / Sort file-lists by name, size or date / Display statistical data: total file sizes, amount of bytes that will be transferred with the current settings.
  • Easy configurable command line mode for automated synchronisation.
  • Support for file sizes > 4 GB.
  • Option to move files to Recycle Bin instead of deleting/overwriting them.
  • Automatically ignore directories "RECYCLER" and "System Volume Information" when comparing and syncing.
  • Localised German version available.
  • Delete before copy: Avoid disc space shortages with large sync-operations.
  • Based on wxWidgets framework => Portable to many operating systems.
  • Filter functionality to include/exclude files from synchronisation (without re-compare!).
  • Include/exclude specific files from synchronisation manually.
  • Create sync jobs via GUI to synchronise automatically (can be scheduled or executed directly).

Minimum requirements: Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista


Explore&Burn - Ver: 1.5

Explore&Burn is designed to be an extremely lightweight CD/DVD burning solution integrated with Windows Explorer.

Here are some key features of "Explore&Burn" :-

  • Just select the needed files in Windows Explorer and burn it on CD or DVD in just few clicks with easy to use wizards
  • Burn ISO/IMG disc image files
  • Burn on CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM discs
  • Burn on Dual Layer discs (DVD-R/DL and DVD+R/DL)
  • Supports ISO-9660, Joliet and UDF file systems

Minimum requirements: Windows all


BioniX Wallpaper - Ver: 6.10.14

BioniX Wallpaper is an advanced desktop wallpaper cycler and wallpaper manager. Changes your's desktop image whenever you want it to.

Here are some key features of "BioniX Wallpaper" :-

  • Lock on folder - Unique feature that allows BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer to monitor a folder and automatically update its playlist when pictures are added / deleted. No other wallpaper manager has this capability yet!
  • Advanced Playlist Editor - BioniX Desktop Wallpaper offers the most advanced playlist editor ever seen
  • Easy to use - User friendly interface: Winamp-like layout, skinable, full context-sensitive help, comprehensive help file.
  • Skinable interface - over 125 skins available
  • Low system requirements - You grandpa's Pentium I/Win95 can still run BioniX Desktop Wallpaper
  • Keep your system garbage free - "Don't change user's system" policy
  • Damn small size - Download it in few seconds or take it on a floppy with you
  • State of art resamplers that automatically resizes your wallpapers without losing quality
  • Ingenious time editor - Set the time interval from one second to 60 day with only 2 mouse clicks
  • Multiple thematic playlists - Create multiple thematic playlists (categories) and switch between them whenever you want to.
  • Extreme playlists - Up to 500000 images can be loaded in each playlist!
  • Build a playlist with one single click - Drag and drop files/folders to your playlist
  • Playlist association - double click a playlist located anywhere in your computer
  • Dual monitor support

Minimum requirements: Windows all

CleanDesktop - Ver: 1.0

Unlike in Windows XP, Windows 7 or Vista, does not include a Desktop Cleanup Wizard, which kept track of your usage of the icons on your desktop and offered to remove the unused icons every 60 days.

CleanDesktop is a small portable freeware app which will help you clean up your unused desktop icons, in Windows 7 & Vista. This utility is for those who miss the wizard. On running it, it will scan and detect desktop items which have not been used in the last 30 days and and list them down. You then have an option to delete them.

The unused items are not deleted but moved to a folder on the Desktop viz; C: \Users \username \Desktop \Unused Icons. Alternatively, you can also opt to delete the unused items directly.

Minimum requirements: Windows Vista/ 7

Copernic Desktop Search Home - Ver: 3.2.2

Desktop searching has recently become all the rage, and this latest version of Copernic Desktop Search offers many more features than Google Desktop and others.

Once installed, Copernic will ask you which types of content you wish to index (files, emails, contacts, bookmarks, history etc). It will also allow you to specify particular folders to add to the index. Copernic will then index the contents of your hard drive(s), including network drives (if you choose).

Unlike other desktop search tools, Copernic has a pretty wide file support. It can index email from Outlook/Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Eudora, numerous audio and video formats, as well as bookmarks from Netscape, Mozilla (all variations) and IE. It also handles all the standard file formats: .doc, .pdf, .txt, rtf, .ppt etc.

Another neat feature is the preview pane, which lets you preview documents from within Copernic. An embedded player lets you preview audio and video files, and it also has an integrated web browser/search facility.

Minimum requirements: Windows XP/ Vista

Risingware Exp+ Free Edition - Ver: 2.8.0

With dual panels and tabs, Risingware Exp+ seamlessly integrates most indispensable software into one, a Windows Explorer replacement, a web browser based on Trident (IE) layout engine, and some handy utilities. Both free and paid use are available. What's more, It is now compatible with Windows 7!

In other words, Risingware Exp+ integrates a dual-panel file manager, a multi-process web browser, and utilities, which is a super explorer providing single access to your desktop, the web and productivity.

Main Features :-

  • Dual-panel, multi-tabbed design
  • Interactive Start Page; Initial Page per panel
  • Two auto-changeable UIs between folder tab and web page
  • Smart use of mouse (Scrolling up/down, drag and drop, right-clicking)
  • Group management (folder tabs, files, apps and web pages included)
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Multi-process & Multi-Thread: Quicker than IE
  • Multiple search; Drag and drop text search
  • Create your personal search engines
  • Web Filter (Pop-up Blocker included)
  • Web page e-Mailer
  • RSS Reader
  • Plug-in: HTML Component Downloader
  • and much more....

Minimum requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7

ScrollWall - Ver: 1.2

ScrollWall is a very simple tool by which your desktop wallpaper can be changed automatically after every fixed time interval in seconds, minutes or hours.

You can also set it to change the desktop wallpaper at every startup. The set of wallpapers can be selected by you, from your computer, and this set can be modified whenever you want.

The fact that makes it better than other software s in its category is the thumbnail view that it provide for the selected wallpapers and one click wallpaper change feature IE you can change your desktop wallpaper with just a click on the tray icon.

Minimum requirements: Windows XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 2008/ 7

SnapaShot - Ver: 3.4

Smallest free screen capture tool, SnapaShot is great for taking screenshots of different size.

Just open Snapa, resize its window to fit the area you want to save, and press "save it" button. No installation required, simply download and enjoy.

Minimum requirements: Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7

T3Desk- Ver: 2010 10.01

T3Desk lets you manage your applications more easily in a 3D desktop adding the third dimension to your Windows screen.

"3Dmized" windows will appear in three dimensions and transparent on your screen and have the ability to be flipped, zoomed, moved, swiveled in almost anyway you want. T3Desk is lightweight on your resources, unlike most applications of its kind.

With T3Desk you can set the options regarding display, zooming, hot keys and sounds. You can configure your 3D window animation, transparency effect, the 3D initial angle and distance, the transition effects and more.

Minimum requirements: Windows 9.x/ Me/ 2000/ XP/ Vista

Digital Imaging

EXIF Date Changer - Ver: 1.0

EXIF Date Changer allows you to inspect the EXIF metadata in the photos taken from digital cameras and to change various Date/Time entries.

The EXIF Metadata is information about an image, for example: title, width and height, camera model, artist and so on.

Most of image processing software rebuilds (and destroys some private tags) EXIF metadata when saving an image file. EXIF Date Changer accesses to an image using binary operations only and allows the changing of EXIF Date/Time tags without changing an image metadata structure.

Minimum requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7

Hornil StylePix Portable - Ver: 1.0.2

This speedy yet powerful image editor brings together all the tools you are most likely to need while maintaining an intelligent and uncluttered interface.

From browsing for and loading images, to applying advanced filters and effects, this program is straightforward to use and capable of professional-looking results. As this version of the program is portable, you can run it from a USB stick without affecting the rest of the system, making it a useful tool for taking on the move.

You can get started by opening an image via the navigation window on the left. This pane will change as you use the program to present the most relevant options - another example of the intuitive user interface sported by the program. Windows such as the thumbnail view, the list of image layers, and the file's histogram can be shown or hidden as required - use the View/Window menu to do this.

Minimum requirements: Windows 20000/ XP/ Vista/ 7

StudioLine Photo Basic - Ver:

The easy-to-use software to quickly organize, edit and archive your digital photos and to share your most precious moments.

Add descriptions to your images, send photos per email in just the right size, print high-quality copies, display slide-shows, publish web-galleries, safe-keep your images on CD or DVD. You'll get the award-winning functions of StudioLine Photo Classic and it's free.

Main Features :-

  • Add Descriptions
  • Picture Search
  • Dual-monitor support
  • Export/Backup to CD or DVD
  • Image Edition
  • Slide Shows
  • Web Gallery Creation
  • And More...

NOTE :This product is freeware however, within 30 days, follow the instructions to generate your free activation key or it will time out.

Minimum requirements: Windows all

Disk Tools

CleverCleaner - Ver: 2.1

CleverCleaner is a very easy to run application and in the options window you can add or delete file suffixes.

You sometimes don't know that little files and huge temporary directories (downloads and so on) are filling up your disk. CleverCleaner locates these files and deletes them. This way you can gain a lot of free space very fast.

The method: The program searches the hard disk for the suffixes of files like *.tmp *, *~.* or *.chk and deletes them.

That's very useful if you download or copy much data. Sure, most of these files are little, but you know? Many a mickle makes a muckle! On a test machine, we got over 800 megabytes of free disk space.

But the cleaning of the hard drive is only worth it once a month.

That is useful if you don't want to delete all the *.bak-files for example. And don't panic about important system-files: They're listed in the exceptions below, and thus they're safe. You may also add and delete custom entries there as well. A little help is built in in the statusbar.

Minimum requirements: Windows all

DiskAnalyser Pro - Ver: 3.4

DiskAnalyser Pro helps you to locate and remove space wasting files on your hard disk drive. You can see exact disk space utilisation with detailed disk space reports. You can see reports grouped by file types, attributes, file size, ownership, date and time.

You can search and filter for all types of files, move or delete unwanted files, copy files to another path, compress files and create a single ZIP file. All disk space reports can be saved to external files such as HTML, CSV and XML.

DiskAnalyser Pro will help you keep disk space reports history or import data into any other program. You can find out duplicate files, junk files, temporary and internet files, images, videos, audio files, sip files using DiskAnalyser Pro.

Here are some key features of "DiskAnalyser Pro" :-

Detailed disk space reports:
· You will be able to manage and view disk space consumption with the help of disk space usage reports grouped by file types, file size, attributes, file date and file ownership. You can drill-down and see exactly how files are consuming disk space on your computer.

Search for files with your own search criteria:
· DiskAnalyser Pro allows you to specify your own search terms while looking for unwanted files and folders consuming your disk space.

Find and delete junk files:
· Over a period of time, hard disk space becomes cluttered with useless files (junk, temporary, internet files, zero size files etc.). DiskAnalyser Pro can find and delete such files and regain gigabytes of hard disk space.

· Locate biggest and oldest files
· You will be able to see a list of biggest space hogging files as well as old unused files from your hard disk drives. You can delete these files and regain big chunk of disk space.

Find out pictures, compressed files, videos and audio files:
· Network computers are generally filled up with files such as videos, images, audio files, compressed files duplicated all over hard disk. DiskAnalyser pro can locate these files and help you to remove not required files.

Scheduling and Command-line scanner:
· The new command-line scanner can be used to perform a disk search from the command-prompt and create a saved disk report archive. This can be later opened with DiskAnalyser Pro for detailed disk space analysis. You can use any scheduling program to schedule the disk search using command-line scanner.

All folders and sub folders report:
· This is one of the essential reports in disk space management. This report consists of a single list of all folders and respective sub folders sorted by file size So now you can quickly find out how many folders consume most of the disk space.

Integrated File Explorer and Viewer:
· Whenever you need to drill-down to file level from any disk space report, you can use File Explorer (Viewer). This tool lists all the files for a particular disk space report and allows you to further filter the list using multiple criterias such as file name (with wild cards), file size, date, file type, file path etc.

Export disk space reports to external file formats:
· You might need to export any or all of the disk space reports to external file and you can do it here. You can save reports as HTML, CSV and XML files. This is useful for comparison of disk space reports over a period of time or to maintain disk space usage history.

Minimum requirements: Windows 2000/ XP/ 7

Simple HDD Cloner - Ver: 2.0

Simple HDD Cloner is based on the command line tool to clone storage devices. Simple HDD Cloner only requires the device letters, after that all files from the source are copied to the destination.

Very useful for upgrading primary hard drives without reinstalling everything. Can also be used on other types of storage devices.

Minimum requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ .Net 2.0


Free Online TV Player - Ver:

Free Online TV Player uses proprietary technology that took us over one full year to develop. Our technology locates and plays over 750+ free online TV channels right over the Internet.

You get live TV broadcasts daily from around the world. No TV card or hardware to install. Just live TV streamed directly to your PC via your Internet connection. Free Online TV Player even updates its channels list daily to always keep you up to date. Just check out the screenshots to see our technology in action.

NOTE : This program will offer to install a TV Player Remote toolbar, if you do not want this to happen, you can opt out during the install.

However, if you look at the image, you will see the toolbar installed - you may want to keep it.

Minimum requirements: Windows all


Let It Flow - Ver: 1.0

Let It Flow is an interesting puzzle game for free. Get the water flowing to the crops and animals before time runs out.

Rotate the pipes so that they connect from the pump to the crops and animals. Watch out for spillages, and don't forget to pump the water to get it moving. Try to make sure they are connected in such a way that water doesn't spill on the ground. When you are satisfied with the connection, click on "Pump It!" and keep clicking on the dial until the water starts to flow.

NOTE : Unless you opt out, this program will install the HGames toolbar, change your default search engine and Home Page.

Minimum requirements: Windows all


Calibre - Ver: 0.6.37

Calibre was designed to be a e-book library management application. Calibre is meant to be a complete e-library solution and thus includes, library management, format conversion, news feeds to e-book conversion as well as e- book reader sync features.

Here are some key features of "Calibre":

Library Management:
· Calibre is primarily a e-book cataloging program. It stores your e-book files in a database along with easily editable metadata describing each book. It is designed around the concept of the logical book, i.e. a single entry in the database that may correspond to e-books in several formats.
Calibre support sorting the books in its database by:
· Title
· Author
· Date
· Publisher
· Rating
· Size (Max size of all formats)
It also supports extra metadata fields that can be searched on:
· Series: The series that a book belongs to
· Comments: A general purpose field that can be used to describe the book, add notes on it, etc.
· Tags: A flexible system to categorise books. You can tag any book with any custom tag to indicate subject, read status, category, etc.
· The database view also supports filtering by searching on the metadata. You can perform advanced searching on individual metadata fields by clicking the advanced search button to the left of the search bar.
· The books in the database can be saved to disk using the "Save to disk" button. All selected books are saved in a folder structure organized by

Author and Title.
· You can fetch metadata for a book based on its ISBN number or its title/author, instead of manually entering the metadata. You can also fetch a
cover image based on the ISBN number.

Format Conversion:
· Calibre supports conversion from (HTML, LIT, RTF, TXT, PDF(simple text+few images)) to the SONY e-book reader format LRF. An graphical interface to the conversion software can be accessed by clicking the "Convert E-books" button.
· The command line access is via the command any2lrf. The conversion is very powerful and supports advanced typesetting features like tables, drop caps, online images, embedded fonts, etc. Full documentation of the features of the conversion software can be found at Conversion to LRF.
Syncing to E-reader Devices:

· Calibre has a modular device driver design that makes adding support for different e-reader devices easy. At the moment, it has support for the SONY PRS 500/505. Syncing supports updating metadata on the device from metadata in the library and the creation of collections on the device based on the tags defined in the library view. If a book has more than one format available, calibre automatically chooses the best format when uploading to the device.

Fetching News:
Calibre can automatically fetch news from a number of web sites, format the news into a ebook and upload to a connected device. At the moment there is support for generating LRF ebooks. Supported news sites are:-

· Newsweek
· New York Times
· The BBC
· The Economist

· The news fetching subsystem has a modular design, which makes it easy to add support for more sites. If you are interested in adding support for a site, read the User Manual. Once you have created a recipe, consider sharing it with other users by attaching it to User Recipes.

Viewing E-books:
· Calibre has an inbuilt viewer that can display LRF format files, so you can look over a recent conversion before uploading to the reader. It supports all the features of the LRF format, except drop caps.

Minimum requirements: Windows all

Converber - Ver: 2.2.1

A powerful unit converter that helps make easy conversions between 1324 various units of measure in 38 categories. Converber converts everything from length and force to flow and temperature.

Features include :-

  • Gives immediate access to all categories or single category
  • Favourites menu to bookmark your frequently-used conversions
  • Currency rates updated daily
  • Inline calculator(*/-+^ and more)
  • Automatic updates
  • Quickly search the unit list and immediately see results
  • Step backwards or forwards through the most recently used conversions
  • New! Toolbar for faster mouse operation
  • Single or multiple preference file(s) for different users
  • Shows either common units or ALL units
  • Converts as you type, so no convert button is required
  • Includes equation editor to add your own custom units
  • Allows you to select/unselect the conversion file(s)
  • Can change the number of significant digits of the output
  • Option to select decimal-point precision
  • Option to select scientific notation only
  • Extensive number formatting
  • Inverts selected units with the quick swap feature
  • New! Status bar to display the current category
  • Converts left-to-right OR right-to-left
  • Runs portable/stand-alone using no dll files or registry settings
  • Remembers last window position and size (if desired)
  • Offset correction for meter value compensation
  • Comes with extensive help file
  • Supports transparency
  • Supports a multi-language user interface

YouTube tutorial available.

Minimum requirements: Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 2008/ 7

Pixia - Ver: 4.70e

Pixia is the English version of a popular Japanese painting and retouch software for full colour graphics.

It supports mask, layer and many other editing functions. You can use your own customised brush tips and even use an image file as a brush tip to create unique effects.

Its user-friendly interface is suitable for beginners as well as experts. Pixia supports the most common editing techniques and presents a user friendly interface.

Minimum requirements: Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 2008/ 7


Gigaget - Ver:

Gigaget is the next generation download manager which utilises cutting-edge Net Grid technology that improves your download speed by 7-10 times.

Besides, Gigaget fundamentally reduces the operational cost of content providers, while dramatically improving downloading effectiveness and reach. Net Grid Technology taps the unused resources of networked PCs and servers, allowing content providers to deliver large files with faster speed and at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

Free and safe

  • 100% free
  • No adware or spyware
  • No registration required
  • Data transfer encrypted
Easy to use and manage
  • Simple and advance mode, fit for both rookies and advanced users.
  • Powerful Task Manager, easy to organise downloaded files
More than fast
  • Ultra-fast download speed experience
  • Auto data integrity validation and correction
  • Import/export download list, easy to share with friends
Multi file formats and browsers Support
  • Compatible with major browsers-Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Maxthon
  • Major streaming protocol support, including MMS/RTSP/Flash
  • Intelligent Web Analysis, helping you find the URL (out of a web page) to download
Advanced Intelligent Functions
  • Intelligent Disk Cache system which protects your hard disk from high-speed download.
  • Intelligent Prompt System, providing useful information and suggestions for each specific
  • situation.
  • Unique Error Diagnosis function, helping users find the reasons and solutions on failed tasks.

Minimum requirements: Windows all

ieSpell - Ver: 2.6.4 (Build 573)

ieSpell is a free Internet Explorer browser extension that spell checks text input boxes on a web page.

It should come in particularly handy for users who do a lot of web-based text entry (e.g. web mails, forums, blogs, diaries). Even if your web application already includes spell checking functionality, you might still want to install this utility because it is definitely much faster than a server-side solution. Plus you get to store and use your personal word list across all your applications, instead of maintaining separate ones on each application.

The program installs as a new button in the IE toolbar (as well as a new menu item under "Tools") - after filling in a form, just hit the ieSpell button and it pops up a dialog, similar to the MS Word spell check. ieSpell also works (right-click menu only) on other IE based browsers such as SlimBrowser, CrazyBrowser, MSN, MyIE, etc.

ieSpell is not spyware or adware. It's free for personal use only. All other use requires a commercial license. See Licensing for more information.

If you find ieSpell useful, please express your satisfaction with a donation. Your donations will help to support its future development. Thank you!

Features :-

  • Completely standalone spell checker for your web browser. Does not require Microsoft Office or any other third party components.
  • Integrates flawlessly with Internet Explorer and other IE based browsers.
  • Three ways to start the spell check; via the right click context menu, the toolbar or the menu bar.
  • Supports a wide range of web applications including simple text forms, rich text editors, forums, blogs, webmail (including Outlook Web Access and Lotus iNotes) and more!
  • Spell check in any of the 3 variants (US, UK and Canadian) of the English Language!
  • Suggestions are sorted by the degree of closeness with the misspelled word.
  • Intelligent suggesting for misspelled words using typographic “looks like” matching.
  • Easily add/remove your personal words in ieSpell via an intuitive user interface!
  • Organise your personal words in individual custom dictionaries! Share them with your friends and co-workers over the network!
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office's proofing tools. Have ieSpell share the same copy of the custom dictionary so that when you add/remove your personal words in ieSpell, the same is reflected in Microsoft Office and vice versa!
  • ieSpell suggested a word that you are not familiar with? Look up its meaning in an online dictionary!
  • Powerful API for web application developers.
  • Force users to spell check the document before submission.
  • Ignore certain text fields.
  • Refuse a form submission if the user cancels the spell check.

Minimum requirements: Windows all

IP2C - Ver: 1.0.4

IP to Country is a program to determine the country associated with a specific IP address.

The program queries the five main whois servers responsible for each region of the world and tries to automatically establish the most authoritative for the IP specified.

It then returns the country's two-letter TLD (Top Level Domain), the extended country name and the world region. e.g. US; United States; North America.

It will also include a brief description of the organisation managing the block of IP addresses containing the submitted IP if this information is available.

Minimum requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7


Ninite is a Web service that consolidates applications into a single installer for you to download. Simply pick the apps you want, then Start your customised installer. Ninite works in the background 100 percent hands-free.

Ninite currently includes 58 freeware and shareware applications in 12 categories: Developer Tools, Compression, Utilities, Web Browsers, Messaging, Media, Imaging, Documents, Anti-Virus, Runtimes, File Sharing, and Other.

To get this service to work, please go to the Producer's Home Page and follow the instructions there.

Minimum requirements: Windows all

Printee for IE - Ver: 1.7.1

From a reviw by CNET :-

"Printee for IE provides a simple alternative to dumping Web site information into a Word document for printing. This program's basic tools and excellent results will be a blessing for frequent cut-and-pasters.

We were instantly at home with this program's interface, with its clearly labeled commands. It was just as intuitive to use with our familiar cut-copy-paste techniques. Printee for IE appeared in our online browser as a small command bar offering a lot of options, but we really only needed the Grab tool. This turned our cursor into a text- and image-acquiring machine. We were able to highlight a single paragraph, an entire article, specific images, and more just by clicking on them.

Printee for IE automatically avoids advertisements, news items, and other fillers you don't want by selecting only the areas you click on. It sends data directly to the clipboard for previewing before printing. Printee for IE showcased a clean page full of data ready to print. It feels like a perfect choice for those looking to save printer ink by running off articles without printing the accompanying photos and ads.

The program provides several extras, such as new fonts, backgrounds, and formats, but these only slightly tweak its primary functionality and don't feel like essential features. Nevertheless, Printee for IE offers a fantastic alternative to frequent cutting and pasting."

Minimum requirements: Windows NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 7

SpeedyFox - Ver: 1.4.1 Build 33

Mozilla Firefox is a fast browser, but with the passage of time it starts working much more slowly. The reason is fragmentation of profile databases.

SpeedyFox is especially designed to solve fragmentation problems. The method used in SpeedyFox is 100% safe for your profile (e.g. bookmarks, passwords, etc), it's well documented and tested on many computers.

Minimum requirements: Windows all/ Firefox

Xtravo Explorer - Ver:

Xtravo Explorer is a whole new Era with which to Browse the Internet. Xtravo Explorer offers 150 features out of which we have added 18 new features.

Xtravo Explorer is a highly competitive Web Browser in the browser market as it offers all main features and extra features that other Web browsers do. Xtravo Explorer allows Cloud OS to render and load faster and is specially Integrated with Xtravo Cloud OS to give full Cloud desktop experience. You can create, edit, and upload files in Xtravo Cloud OS and access it anytime from any PC or MAC, even from mobile phones.

Minimum requirements: Windows XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 2008/ 7

YouTube Clip Extractor - Ver:

Free and easy to use add-on to Internet Explorer and Firefox designed to help you quickly save videos from YouTube.

Clip Extractor works as YouTube downloader and converter in one tool. It installs its button onto the browser toolbar to detect video URL's automatically. This allows you to save clips directly from YouTube, avoiding any extra steps. Powerful functionality, user friendly interface and true simplicity make it a perfect choice both for beginners and pros.

Minimum requirements: Windows 9x/ Me/ 2000/ XP/ Vista

Multi Media

Jaangle - Ver: 0.98c.967

Jaangle (formerly Teen Spirit) is a free music player and organiser software. It categorises your mp3, ogg, wma, avi etc collection and displays it in easy to browse, user interface.

It has a quality audio - video player and also an integrated tag editor.

You start by adding a folder which contains your music files (mp3, wma, avi, mpg etc). Jaangle scans and reads the available tag info. The artists appear in the tree like control. Each time you click on an artist all his tracks can be seen in the list pane, artist biography and image are automatically downloaded from the internet and displayed in the information pane. By double clicking a track in the list you hear the music playing. More info may appear (if available) in the info pane like lyrics or comments.

Minimum requirements: Windows XP/ 2003/ Vista

QuickTime Alternative - Ver: 3.1.1

QuickTime Alternative will allow you to play QuickTime files (.mov, .qt and other extensions) without having to install QuickTime Player from Apple.

It also supports QuickTime content that is embedded in web pages. The very user-friendly installation is fully customisable, which means that you can install only those components that you want.

Minimum requirements: Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 2008/ 7

Win7codecs - Ver: 2.3.9 Final

Win7codecs is an audio and video codec package for Windows 7. The installer will automatically remove most other popular codec releases from your computer before installing this concise yet comprehensive package.

You won't need to make any adjustments or tweaks to enjoy your media content immediately. Windows Media Player and Media Center will instantly recognise all your files as playable.

It does not contain a media player and it does not associate file-types. With this package installed you will be able to use any media player, limited only by the players' capabilities, to play all movies and video clips. Streaming video is supported in several formats in all popular web browsers. Users of the Win7codecs have the ability to choose what is installed and where to install it using the public redistributable. After installation you can select to remove specific portions without removing the entire package. You can also re-add the removed items at any time.

NOTE : Unless you opt out, the Bing bar will be installed.

Minimum requirements: Windows 7

XMedia Recode - Ver:

The XMedia Recode application was designed to be an all-in-one video conversion and audio conversion tool.

Using XMedia Recode application you will be able to convert DVD, AVI, MP4, 3GP, WMV, ASF, etc. Profiles for most devices like iPod, iPhone, Samsung, SonyEricsson, Zune, PSP, Blackberry, LG, etc. GUI for FFMPEG.

Minimum requirements: Windows all


Sumatra PDF - Ver: 1.0.1

Sumatra PDF is a slim, free, open-source PDF viewer for Windows. Portable out of the box.

Why another PDF reader?
Sumatra has a minimalist design. Simplicity has a higher priority than a lot of features.

It's small and starts up very fast.

It's designed for portable use: only one file so you can run it from external USB drive. Doesn't write to registry.

Minimum requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7


UndercoverXP Portable - Ver: 1.23

UndercoverXP is a small program to easily print CD and DVD covers.

It supports JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP formats and can automatically scale front covers, back covers, front + inside, inlays, DVD Boxes, Digital Pictures and CD/DVD labels to the correct sizes. Other formats can be easily added via a graphical format editor. UnderCoverXP is written in C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and doesn't need a .NET framework or any other external libraries. And best of all... it's free!

UnderCoverXP is available in 27 languages: English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese, Polish, Macedonian, Russian, Greek, Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian, Brazilian, Czech, Latvian, Chinese, Japanese, Catalan, Arabic, Vietnamese and Slovak translations are included in the setup.

Minimum requirements: Windows all


WinMend Registry Defrag - Ver: 1.3.3

WinMend Registry Defrag is a registry defragmentation and cleanup tool. It can rebuild registry index safely and clear waste registry space to make it easy for Windows and applications to find required data more efficiently.

After Windows registry is reorganized, you will find the performance of the operating system has been significantly improved. This tool is safe, reliable, simple to understand and use. You will be required to reboot the system after running it to work on the registry.

Here are some key features of "WinMend Registry Defrag":

· 1. Safe and Reliable The latest Microsoft low-level registry reconstruction technology is used. After thousands of limit tests on WinMend Registry Defrag, this application can guarantee the security of the Windows operating system to the maximum extent after the registry is rebuilt.

· 2. Intelligent Recommendation Part of the Windows system is not suitable for registry defragmentation. Force defragmentation may cause serious instability in the running of the system. With unique intelligent recognition technology, WinMend Registry Defrag can accurately identify the part of Windows unsuitable for registry defragmentation. It can then prompt the user and stop registry defragmentation from moving forward.

· 3. Fast Running With system safety first ensured, WinMend Registry Defrag is still 30% faster in defragmentation than similar products. Registry defragmentation for most Windows system can be completed within 2 minutes.

· 4. Wizard-Based Operation A user even without any professional knowledge can complete registry defragmentation, simply by following the user-friendly wizard and clicking the mouse a few times.

· 5. Colourful Skins and Full Compatibility with Microsoft Operating Systems 5 different styles of colourful interface are available in all WinMend applications. You can switch to a favourite one at any time to prevent visual fatigue.

Minimum requirements: Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista


Password Corral - Ver:

Password Corral will use the 128-bit Diamond2 Block Cipher to encrypt all the information you store in the program, keeping it safe from prying eyes.

Each password can have both a short description and a long description which can also contain hyperlinks to launch your web browser, open folders on your PC or launch applications.

Each password entry can also have an expiration date to remind you to change the password. Password Corral can be set to time out to the Windows system tray area after a specified period of system inactivity and be protected by your master password, so even if you forget to close Password Corral and walk away from your PC, your password info can still be protected.

Password Corral is very customisable allowing you to display your password information unencrypted on the screen, change the display fonts and hyperlink colour and modify many of the security aspects of the program. You can export your password data in an encrypted (or unencrypted) format to keep a safe backup of your data or to transfer your passwords to another PC.

Best of all Password Corral features a clean, easy to use, standard Windows interface - no wild icons or weird dialog boxes - you'll be up and running as soon as you start the program!

Here are some key features of "Password Corral":

Single Repository for all your Passwords:
· Now you can have a single place to store all your passwords. Use a single password that you choose to encrypt all the passwords you use. Never forget one again!

Blowfish or Diamond2 Encryption:
· 256-bit Blowfish or 128-bit Diamond2 encryption stands between you and those unscrupulous persons with prying eyes. Unless they know your master password, they can't see your data.

Password Information:
· Passwords are kept in custom groups that you create, and can be nested within each other. Each password you store in Password Corral can also have a description, username, comments, URL and e-mail address, all encrypted just like your password information. No more forgetting which password went with which system. This information can be sorted as you like and printed as well.

Password Generator:
· Passwords Corral includes a random password generator that allows you to quickly create a random password of up to 20 characters of numbers, letters or special characters. The generator is configurable and allows you to choose how to generate the password.

Password Expiration:
· Any password can be set to expire after a given number of days. Password Corral will then issue a warning when a password has expired and allow you to change it at that time. This will help remind you to change your passwords for better security.

Multiple Users on the Same PC:
· Any user of your PC can create a new Password Corral account. The program keeps track of individual users and their data. Everyone's information is protected with their own, individual password and encrypted. Note: Password Corral does not support simultaneous use of a single user account by multiple users.

Password Protect Program Features:
· You can lock Password Corral and require entry of your master password before once again using the program. This allows you to keep Password Corral running all the time and still protect your data while you are away from your PC. You can set Password Corral to time out to the system tray after a period of time of system inactivity and protect it there with your master password.

Hyperlinks in the Comments Field:
· Any HTTP, FTP or WWW links you place in the comments field for your passwords automatically become hyperlinks, and clicking on them will start the default web browser and take you to that site. Hyperlinks in the URL column can also be clicked.

Flexible Display Options:
· You can choose to display information encrypted or in plain text on screen, choose your own font for the password list and comments field and select a custom colour for hyperlinks.

Import/Export Passwords:
· Password Corral can export your password list to a text file easily! Copy the file to any other PC that has Password Corral, create a new user account for yourself and then import the passwords. Your passwords will now be available on the new PC. The text file also makes a handy backup in case of disaster. Import options are flexible and allow you to merge your existing password list with a different set of passwords from an export file. An auto-export feature allows you to create a backup password file each time you exit the program. And as you'd expect, the export text file is encrypted as well.

Full On-line Help:
· Password Corral comes with complete, context sensitive on-line help. Just press 'F1' in any dialog box for specific information.

Clean, Easy-to-use, Attractive Interface:
· Password Corral's interface uses the same Windows features you're already used to. No wild icons, sloppy window layouts, unnecessary buttons or toolbars; just a clean interface that makes sense, is easy to use and adheres to standard Windows guidelines.

Minimum requirements: Windows all

Protect Me! - Ver: 1.01

Protect Me! 2010 creates secure executable (.exe) container files to which you can add any files and directories you want to! Your files will be stored securely inside the container file.

To ensure a maximum of security, Protect Me! 2010 uses SHA1 for password validation and AES for encryption. The container file can either run or extract your files once you typed in the right password.

Key Features :-

  • Easily password-protect any file you want!
  • You get one .exe file which contains the encrypted file(s)
  • The result will be just a few KB bigger than the encrypted files themselves!
  • Your data is really secure!
  • SHA1 for password validation
  • AES (Rijndael) for your data
  • The container file is compiled at runtime!

Minimum requirements: Windows all/ .NET Framework 3.5 (or higher versions)

Spamihilator - Ver:

Spamihilator works between your Email-Client-Software and the Internet and examines every incoming eMail. Useless spam mails (Junk) will be filtered out. This process works completely in the background.

The new Learning Filter (Bayesian Filter) uses the rules of Thomas Bayes (English mathematician, 18th century) and calculates a certain Spam-Probability for every eMail. You can train this filter! So it will know your messages even better than you and continuously increase the recognition rate.

In addition Spamihilator uses a Word-Filter, that searches messages for known keywords.

Of course, Spamihilator supports Plugins. These useful additional filters protect your system against annoying Spam-Messages.

The program runs with almost every Email-Software, such as Outlook 2000/XP/Express, Eudora, Mozilla, Netscape, IncrediMail, Pegasus Mail, Phoenix Mail, Opera, etc...

Minimum requirements: Windows all

System Security Expert 2010 - Ver: 5.6

System Security Expert is an advanced program to scan and clean rogueware / malware on your computer and exploring hidden rogueware/malware programs on your PC.

You have also some utilities to use for a safe and secure computer.

System Security Expert will speed up the shutdown, log off, restart process with very little memory usage.

Minimum requirements: Windows Vista/ 7/ .NET Framework 3.5

USB Safeguard - Ver: 1.1.0

It's a freeware file encryption utility, small, portable and easy to use.

Simply drag and drop files and folders to quickly protect your sensitive documents, and then enter an password to encrypt and decrypt the files that you want to protect from prying eyes. Not only encrypts your files, it also has 'Safe Internet Browsing' option to surf safe on web and removes all Internet traces like URL history, typed URL's, typed passwords in web forms and etc. Built in file shredder - i.e. wiping the contents of the original pre-encrypted file - and more. Your data is secure while the drive it is out and about with you in an Internet cafe's or at work. Supports FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file system.

NOTE : This program has to be installed your USB pen drive. It will not install on your computer.

Minimum requirements: Windows all


Classic Shell - Ver: 0.9.10

Classic Shell is a collection of features that were available in older versions of Windows but not anymore. It brings back the classic start menu that Windows 7 doesn't support, adds a toolbar for Windows Explorer in Vista and Windows 7 like the one in Windows XP and adds couple more smaller features.

Classic Start Menu is a clone of the original start menu, which you can find in all versions of Windows from 95 to Vista. It has a variety of advanced features :-

  • Drag and drop to let you organise your applications
  • Options to show Favourites, expand Control Panel, etc
  • Shows recently used documents. The number of documents to display is customisable
  • Translated in 35 languages, including Right-to-left support for Arabic and Hebrew
  • Does not disable the original start menu in Windows. You can access it by Shift+Click on the start button
  • Right-click on an item in the menu to delete, rename, sort, or perform other tasks
  • Available for 32 and 64-bit operating systems
  • Has support for skins, including additional 3rd party skins
  • Fully customisable in both looks and functionality
  • Support for Microsoft’s Active Accessibility

If you have used the start menu in older versions of Windows you’ll feel right at home:

Classic Explorer is a plug in for Windows Explorer that :-

  • Adds a toolbar to Explorer for some common operations (Go to parent folder, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Properties, Email). More buttons can be added manually
  • Replaces the copy UI in Vista and Windows 7 with the more user-friendly “classic” version similar to Windows XP
  • Handles Alt+Enter in the folder panel of Windows Explorer and shows the properties of the selected folder
  • Has options for customising the folder panel to look more like the Windows XP version or to not fade the expand buttons
  • Can show the free disk space and the total file size in the status bar

Minimum requirements: Windows Vista/ 7

Default Programs Editor - Ver: 2.6

Default Programs Editor is a powerful utility for advanced users that allows you to edit file type associations in Windows Vista and Seven.

It enables you to add, edit, and delete context menu items, edit file type information and change the associated extension for a selected file type.

Furthermore, you can also use the program to change Windows Autoplay settings and add, edit or delete autoplay handler programs. Default Programs Editor can be run as standalone program or integrated into the Control Panel applet.

Minimum requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7

Delayed Shutdown - Ver: 3.0

Televisions often have a timer built in that will allow you to fall asleep watching TV and have the TV shut itself off after awhile. Delayed Shutdown works along the same concept.

Set up a timer of any length and hit Start, and after the timer counts down, the PC will shut off.This allows you to safely put on some music and sleep in the office without having to worry about your power bill. Or, if your PC is performing a critical task and you're leaving the house, give Delayed Shutdown plenty of time for the task to complete, then have it shut the whole thing down. For those sharing a single PC among many, Delayed Shutdown is also a way to ensure that the next person can't access any of your files.

NOTE : If there are any windows open when Delayed Shutdown finishes its visual countdown (no audio include), it won't prompt you to save any of them; it'll force quit out of everything and go straight to shutdown. Also, you can stop the shutdown before the countdown is finished, but nothing you can do will prevent it from happening after that, even clicking "cancel" on a save prompt. Every app is given a few seconds to save, and then it's gone, and the system then shuts down. Be sure and save everything open before using Delayed Shutdown.

That said, Delayed Shutdown does its job well and doesn't get hung up by anything. It says it will
shut down, and it will. Therefore, anyone needing a delayed system shutdown for any reason should take advantage of this free utility.

Minimum requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7

M8 Free Clipboard - Ver: 12.03

M8 is the simplest of all multi-clipboard programs. Just have it running minimised and it captures everything you cut or copy from other programs.

It keeps the last 25 clips. When you want to paste one back, all you have to do is restore M8 and click on the clip you want. If you prefer to work entirely from the keyboard, you can choose a hot key to restore M8 and then paste any clip by typing the letter shown next to it. When you move the mouse over the clips, you can see them in the viewer. If the clip is text, you see several lines and if it is a graphic, you see a thumbnail.

Minimum requirements: Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP/ Vista

MyUninstaller - Ver: 1.60

As reviewed by CNet -

"There comes the time in every computer program's life when it outlives its usefulness. Whenever this happens, uninstalling the program is the best option. MyUninstaller wants to be the tool for the job and promises more information and ease than Windows' built-in uninstaller.

This freeware jumps into action with an interface that is equally informative and simple to operate. The bulk of the program is dominated by a list of every program on your computer. Next to each icon and name is its version, the company that produced it, and a brief description of what the program does. Users scroll through the alphabetical list of programs and select the one they wish to uninstall. A simple click on the Uninstall icon and the job is done. The program's display also offers users opportunities to keep files, copy, change installation, and search.

MyUninstall quickly and easily erased programs in our tests, but we hit a few snags. We encountered unexplained options like Quiet Uninstall. A trip to the Help menu revealed a terrible screen that provided absolutely no guidance.

That said, we had no issues with the program's primary uninstall features. If you are tired of Windows' uninstaller, you'll lose nothing by trying this freeware."

Minimum requirements: Windows all

NoClone Free Edition - Ver:

Easily locate and erase duplicate documents, similar files or duplicate Outlook messages.

Features :-
  • True Byte-to-byte comparison , not by CRC.
  • Search duplicate file contents regardless of file name
  • Search duplicate files, file portions, file name, simple fuzzy match
  • Smart deletion - select files by size/ date/ version/ pattern/ folder
  • Save search session
  • Export result list (CSV format)
  • Search any type of files, jpg, mp3, mpeg etc
  • Search up to 100,000 files and more
  • Preview images - jpg, gif, bmp, wmf, tif, png etc
  • Search over local PC and network
  • Delete or move duplicate files
  • Clean up disk space, manage files better

Minimum requirements: Windows all

Radian - Ver:

Radian is a simple radial application launcher. The interface is triggered by a continuous right-click and is divided into four slices.

Each slice can be configured differently, currently supporting the following modes :-
  • Custom - the slice will contain shortcuts manually dragged from existing shortcuts or files (from the Quick-Launch, Desktop, Start-Menu, Folder, etc...)
  • Quick Launch - shortcuts from Windows' Quick-Launch
  • Desktop - shortcut from Windows' Desktop
  • Recent Docs - recently opened documents
The right-click trigger resembles the right-click mechanism on many hand-held devices, allowing you to access the menu quickly without needing to scroll to a certain area on your screen. The menu can be loaded by right-clicking and holding anywhere on the screen. A special effort was made to make sure this feature doesn't get in the way of normal right-click usage.

Minimum requirements: Windows 98/ Me/ XP/ 2000/ 2003/ Vista

Right Click Context Menu Extender - 1.0

Freeware utility which allows you to add some important items to the right click context menu.

File and Folder Options :-

  • Option to add or remove Copy To
  • Option to add or remove Move To
  • Option to add or remove Admin Command Prompt
  • Option to add or remove Encrypt/Decrypt
  • Option to add or remove File List Create
  • Option to add or remove My Computer God Mode
  • Option to add or remove Hide File
  • Option to add or remove Unhide File
  • Option to add or remove Hide Folder
  • Option to add or remove Unhide Folder
  • Option to add or remove Take Ownership

Desktop Options :-

  • Option to add or remove Flip3D
  • Option to add or remove Desktop God Mode
  • Option to add or remove Control Panel
  • Option to add or remove Task Manager
  • Option to add or remove Administrative Tools
  • Option to add or remove Registry Editor
Simply Check to add items to Right-Click Menus and press Apply. To remove the items, uncheck the box and click Apply. The menus also adds icons next to available Menu Options. Some however, do not support this feature.

Minimum requirements: Windows 7

Secunia Personal Software Inspector - Ver:

The Secunia Software Inspector will inspect your operating system and software for insecure versions and missing security updates. A default inspection normally lasts 5-40 seconds, while a thorough inspection may take several minutes.

The Secunia PSI detects installed software and categorises your software as either Insecure, End-of-Life, or Up-To-Date. Effectively enabling you to focus your attention on software installations where more secure versions are available from the vendors.

NOTE: Free for personal use only.

Here are some key features of "Secunia Personal Software Inspector":

  • Calculates your unique Secunia System Score
  • Automatically scans your computer
  • Enables you to update Insecure/End-of-Life software
  • Provides Direct Download Links to security updates & patches
  • Detects and advises on more than 4,700 applications
  • Direct correlation between thousands of Secunia Advisories and your specific system and software
  • Secure SSL encrypted connection to Secunia

Please note : ·

To install and run the Secunia PSI you will need administrative privileges
Latest version of Microsoft Windows Update Agent (WUA)

Minimum requirements: Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 7

SP TimeSync - Ver: 2.4

SP TimeSync is a program with multilingual interface which lets you synchronize your computer's clock with any Internet atomic clock (time server).

It uses a high precision network time protocol (NTP) which provides accuracy of several
milliseconds depending on the characteristics of the synchronization source and network paths. And the best thing of all is that clock synchronization can be done with only a few mouse clicks.

NOTE : Free for non-commercial uses only. For commercial use, you will need to purchase a license.

Here are some key features of "SP TimeSync" :-

Synchronize the time with two mouse clicks:
· SP TimeSync has a very simple interface, you can start using it immediately without reading any manuals. Just click the Get time and then Adjust clock button in order to set the exact time on your computer.

Keep your computer's clock accurate automatically:
· You can configure SP TimeSync to do its task fully automatically. It can either be launched from the task scheduler or stay minimized into a taskbar icon and synchronize the time periodically.

Don't waste the resources of your computer:
· The size of SP TimeSync executable file is less than 100 Kb. It creates windows, allocates memory and loads all required libraries dynamically only for a small period of time when these resources are really required, and it frees all the resources immediately after use. Therefore you can run this program as a background task without slowing down your computer.

Take advantage of your HyperThreating/DualCore CPU or multi-processor system:
· SP TimeSync creates additional working thread for time synchronizing which is running simultaneously with main thread. This allows to speed up and improve the precision of time synchronizing.

Save the network traffic:
· Only two packets (request and response) with 48 bytes of payload data each are used to retrieve the correct time. Just for one megabyte of traffic you can perform the time synchronization more than 5000 times (this is about 15 years if synchronizing the time once a day).

Work safe within a restricted user environment:
· SP TimeSync does not need any administrative privileges, installation is not required, you can run it from any folder with read-only access rights (write-protected floppy disk, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, USB Flash drive, flash memory card, shared network folder etc).

Enjoy user interface in your native language:
· You can download and install the language pack for SP TimeSync. This will let you chose the language you prefer for displaying all the text strings and messages. If your native language is currently absent in the language pack, you can easily make the appropriate translation yourself.

Minimum requirements: Windows all

Switch Off - Ver:

Switch Off was designed to be a tiny easy-to-use tray-based system utility that will automatically perform various frequently used operations like shutdown or restart your computer, disconnect your current dial up connection, lock workstation, etc.

It could also disconnect dial up and VPN connections to cut your internet service bills as well. automation options allows you to schedule all operations daily, weekly, past specified time or when PC becomes idle.

Utility has user-friendly intuitive interface designed to seamlessly integrate into your Vista or Windows 7 system and to provide quick access to all operations through the system tray icon. Simple Web interface allows you to initiate operations remotely from any computer or mobile (cell) phone with web browser installed.

Utility features small system and resource requirements, needs no additional frameworks or libraries to operate, works when either user is logged on or not.

Here are some key features of "Switch Off":

User-friendly intuitive interface:
· Modern (Vista/Windows7) theme
· Windows UAC support
· Multi-language support
· One click scheduling
· One click action execution
· Snooze button

Trigger types:
· Countdown timer
· Daily schedule
· Weekly schedule
· Exact date-time
· CPU inactivity (idle)

Action types:
· Shutdown / Restart computer
· Log-off user
· Lock workstation
· Disconnect dial up or VPN connections

Remote control:
· Web interface (password protected)

Other features:
· Silent install option
· Operation without install
· Small size and resource requirements
· No additional libraries or frameworks required
· Native 64-bit (x64) OS support

Switch Off was designed to be a tiny easy-to-use tray-based system utility that will automatically perform various frequently used operations like shutdown or restart your computer, disconnect your current dial up connection, lock workstation, etc.

It could also disconnect dial up and VPN connections to cut your internet service bills as well. Automation options allows you to schedule all operations daily, weekly, past specified time or when PC becomes idle.

Utility has user-friendly intuitive interface designed to seamlessly integrate into your Vista or Windows 7 system and to provide quick access to all operations through the system tray icon. Simple Web interface allows you to initiate operations remotely from any computer or mobile (cell) phone with web browser installed.

Utility features small system and resource requirements, needs no additional frameworks or libraries to operate, works when either user is logged on or not.

Minimum requirements: Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 2008/ 7

SysExporter - Ver: 1.51

SysExporter utility allows you to grab the data stored in standard list-views, tree-views, list boxes, combo boxes, text-boxes, and WebBrowser/HTML controls from almost any application running on your system, and export it to text, HTML or XML file.

Here's some examples for data that you can export with SysExporter :-
  • The files list inside archive file (.zip, .rar, and so on) as displayed by WinZip or 7-Zip File Manager.
  • The files list inside a folder.
  • The event log of Windows.
  • The list of emails and contacts in Outlook Express.
  • The Registry values displayed in the right pane of the Registry Editor.
  • The data displayed by SysInternals utilities (Registry Monitor, File Monitor, Process Explorer, and others.)
  • The text inside a standard message-box of Windows.
  • The HTML inside any instance of Internet Explorer.

Minimum requirements: Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista

Tweak Me! - Ver: 1.0.2

Tweak Me! Is a new unique Windows Tweaking Application which supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7! Never has it been so easy to tweak all most used versions of Microsoft Windows using just one application.

Tweak Me! has a modern user friendly GUI which makes it extremely easy for you to manage the most important tweaks which save you a lot of time when setting up Windows!

Compared to other tweaking utilities, Tweak Me! contains mostly tweaks which don't just represent settings you can change using the ordinary Windows GUI. Tweak Me! also differs between the operating system you use and just offers you the tweaks which are supported by your current system.

Minimum requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7

ZSoft Uninstaller - Ver: 2.4.1

ZSoft Uninstaller is the better and easier way to uninstall programs on your computer. The program can be used as a Add/Remove applet replacement, but not only that, it can also :-

  • Analyse an installation so it can be completely uninstalled (also supports reboots of the computer as the process is split into two: Before and after the installation)
  • Find and delete temporary files
  • Delete entries from programs that are no longer installed
  • Hide Windows Updates
  • Hide entries from the list that you are never going to uninstall (drivers etc.) making the list smaller and therefore easier to manage.
  • Show more information than available though add/remove
  • Automatically find entries from programs that are most likely already uninstalled
  • Automatically find entries that are considered "crap-ware"
  • (Off course) search the list of installed software


iWisoft Free Video Converter - Ver: 1.2.0

Convert video (including HD), audio into any other video, audio, image formats.

Optimised profiles help easily convert video to many portable devices: iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, BlackBerry, Moblie Phone, PDA...

Crop, Clip, Split, Merge video and audio files. Enhance your video with powerful editing features.

Create and save user-defined profile settings for the conversions.

Save your time with ultra high-performance video conversion technology.

Minimum requirements: Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7