Monthly Disk February 2007


MD0207 - 4t Tray Minimiser - Ver: 4.40
4t Tray Minimiser lets you run applications minimised as System Tray icons, which helps free up space on your taskbar.

MD0207 - Auto FTP - Ver: 2.03
This program can perform multiple FTP sessions simultaneously (fully multi-threaded). You can choose between straight file copy or synchronisation in either direction (local to remote or remote to local). Sessions can be started manually, timed, change triggered or daisy chained.

MD0207 - Auto Window Manager - Ver: 1.22
Auto Window Manager automatically manages any window you specify. It can set application windows to automatically maximise (minimise, normal, minimise to tray, stay on top) every time they start.

MD0207 - AutoExit - Ver: 2007
ASoft AutoExit is an application that you can use to shut down, log off, reboot, reboot shell, power off, lock the workstation, or hibernate Windows. You can do it instantly or you can set a time, date, and frequency.

MD0207 - Burrn - Ver: 1.14 Beta2
Burrrn does one thing well, and it does it for free, and that is burn audio files onto CDs.

MD0207 - Calendar Magic - Ver: 16.4
Calendar Magic provides comprehensive coverage of 23 different calendar systems, including full-year and month calendar generation, date conversions, and month-by-month, side-by-side calendar comparisons.

MD0207 - Click'N Burn CD & DVD - Ver: 2.76
Create and burn your own audio, video, and data CD's and DVD's.

MD0207 - Click'n View LE - Ver:
Import, manage, print, and view image in 3D view. Gives motion to still image with pan and zoom. Supports lossless editing, multi-monitors, multi-slideshow.

MD0207 - CoffeeCup Free FTP - Ver: 3.0
CoffeeCup Free FTP is an easy-to-use FTP client for file uploads and downloads. It allows you to use an unlimited number of FTP accounts, resume broken downloads, and transfer binary, ASCII, or auto mode files.

MD0207 - CPU-Z - Ver: 1.38 In addition to informing you about your motherboard's model, BIOS, and chip set, the tool can report on the various specs of your CPU and memory.

MD0207 - Democracy Player - Ver: 0.9.2
You've probably watched hundreds of tiny videos on Websites. It's tedious. Democracy Player makes video on the Internet way less frustrating and way more enjoyable.

MD0207 - DiskIndex - Ver: 1.4 Modern hard drives may be anything up to 200GB in size or beyond. This program will assemble a complete index of all the files on any disk and produce a report in text format.

MD0207 - Ditto - Ver: 3.9
Ditto is an extension to the standard windows clipboard. It saves each item placed on the clipboard allowing you access to any of those items at a later time.

MD0207 - ExamDiff - Ver: 1.7
ExamDiff is a Freeware Windows tool for visual file comparison. Features: Toggles between the first and second files. Automatically detects file changes and prompts the user to re-compare files.

MD0207 - Exposed - Ver: 1.6
This program is an ideal application for anyone who wants to find out exactly what's stored on their PC - right down to the web pages and images left behind in your browsing history.

MD0207 - EXPStudio Audio Editor - Ver: 4.0.1
This powerful free tool allows you edit your audio files like editing text files, display a waveform window of an audio file and apply zooming, record new audio file from a microphone, VCR, cassette player or another input device and so on.

MD0207 - Faber Toys - Ver: 2.6 Build 52
Faber Toys is a system utility, mainly developed for power users who want to know what's going on in their Personal Computer. It may also be used by programmers as a tool for tracking their applications.

MD0207 - File Backup Watcher Free - Ver: 2.8.1
File Backup Watcher allows all kinds of backup activities from manual to fully automated process. Your vital data can be backed up to local or network drives, CDs and DVDs.

MD0207 - FinalBurner - Ver:
FinalBurner is a freeware alternative to expensive CD and DVD burners. Its users will benefit from the opportunity to create data, audio, and video disks and burn them onto any type of media, such as CD R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD DL.

MD0207 - Flock - Ver:
Flock is a free Web browser that makes it easier than ever to share photos, stay up-to-date with news from your favorite sites, and search the Web.

MD0207 - Folder Guide - Ver: 1.1
Folder Guide is a free handy utility that provides fast access to your frequently used and favorite folders. It can operate as the part of your context menu in your Windows Explorer.

MD0207 - Free Hide Folder - Ver: 1.2
Almost everyone has files or folders on their computer that they do not want to share with others. The best way to protect your personal information is to make the folders visible ONLY to you. Free Hide Folder is a free computer security software to hide your private folders.

MD0207 - Fresh UI - Ver: 6.85
Fresh UI is a small freeware program that has been around for some time now, and gives you access to hundreds of hidden features.

MD0207 - Grab & Burn - Ver: 5.0.2
With this software you can easily create your own data, audio and video CD/DVD compilations, make a backup copies, master your own family album DVD-Video titles.

MD0207 - HDHacker - Ver: 1.4
HDHacker is a stand-alone micro-utility that saves, visualises, and restores the MBR (from a physical drive), the BootSector (from a logical drive) or any specified sector from any disk (even removable disks).

MD0207 - HiznOrganiser - Ver: 1.0
With Hizn Organiser you can securely store and effectively organise your private, sensitive information such as passwords, thoughts and credit card numbers. All information will be stored in one single database file, which makes the program very convenient to use.

MD0207 - iMP3Tunes - Ver: 5.3
iMP3Tunes is an award winning program that allows users to search for and download music/mp3 files, movie files, software titles, games, documents and images.

MD0207 - ISO Recorder - Ver: 2.0
Windows XP knows how to write files to CDs, but it doesn't know what to do with the .iso CD disc-image files that have become a handy way to distribute software. ISO Recorder is a shell extension that adds a new CD recording option to Windows XP's context menus.

MD0207 - Just Breakout - Ver: 1.0
Just Breakout is a step-up from the traditional game of bouncing ball on tiles with special features to give you additional thrill. Just Breakout offers you tremendous excitement while it also tests your patience and reflexes.

MD0207 - KeePass Password Safe - Ver: 1.06
KeePass is a free password manager which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key-disk.

MD0207 - KillDisk - Ver: 3.1
Detects and displays information about all partitions, hard disks and floppy drives currently connected to your computer. Wipes out all floppies and hard disk drives completely by secure overwriting data on physical level using [One Pass Zeros] data destruction method.

MD0207 - Knytt - Ver: 1.0.1
The Knytt was abducted by an alien! Traveling through space, the UFO flies into a meteor and crashes on a nearby planet. Luckily, the Knytt and the alien survive, but the UFO is a wreck. How can the Knytt possibly find it's way back home again?

MD0207 - LookInMyPC
LookInMyPC generates a complete, comprehensive system profile that includes information on all installed hardware and software.

MD0207 - MB Free Chinese Astrology Software - Ver: 1.0
MB Free Chinese Astrology Software determines your Chinese zodiac sign or animal sign from your date of birth and also gives a reading based on the great powers of the Chinese Oracle known as the I Ching.

MD0207 - Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007
Microsoft® Office Accounting Express 2007 is everything you need to make your small business idea flourish. Whatever your idea, take it further with the great features that come with this application.

MD0207 - MonitorInfoView - Ver: 1.01
MonitorInfoView is a small utility that displays essential information about your monitor: manufacture week/year, monitor manufacturer, monitor model, supported display modes, and more...

MD0207 - Motherboard Monitor - Ver: 5.0
This free program monitors and reports on the temperatures inside your PC case using the built-in sensors on the processor and motherboard. If things get too warm, it can sound an alarm and automatically shut your PC down before anything gets damaged.

MD0207 - MP3Downloads - Ver: 4.5.1
Download music, mp3s, games, and movies. Filters to block ads and adult material, offering more accurate, clean and ad-free downloads.

MD0207 - Mz Ultimate Tweaker - Ver: 3.2
Through a friendly interface and equipped with the most powerful (speed) tweaks, Mz Ultimate Tweaker will try to stop crashes and gain your computer's reactivity.

MD0207 - nHide - Ver: 2.6
nHide can quickly and easily hide - not close - any open application windows and their taskbar buttons. Just press the user defined hotkey when trouble arises, and when the coast is clear, open nHide, unhide the window and keep playing!

MD0207 - Orbit Downloader - Ver: 1.1.1
Orbit is a full-featured download accelerator and manager. It is based on P2P technology. And it has advanced robust multithread download algorithm implemented with high quality.

MD0207 - PC Wizard 2006 - Ver: 1.71
Since 1996 PC WIZARD is among the most advanced system information programs on the market.

MD0207 - PCPal - Ver: 1.0.1026
PCPal is a tool that helps you maintain your PC optimised and secured by detecting and solving problems. PCPal monitors your PC, notifies you about important issues, and suggests fix solutions.

MD0207 - PortableApps Suite - Ver: 1.0
PortableApps Suite (Standard Edition) is a collection of portable apps, including the integrated PortableApps Menu and the PortableApps Backup utility along with a set of custom icons, an auto play configuration, folders and a quick start shortcut. Just drop it on your portable device and you're ready to go.

MD0207 - PPedia Task Manager Svchost Edition - Ver: 1.02
Free Task manager with built-in process library. This software and help you with the removal of spyware, adware or keyloggers for free. The library helps you to distinguish between system processes, known trustworthy programs and malware.

MD0207 - PrintKey 2000 - Ver: 5.10
Print Screen (as the name suggests) cuts out the middleman: once the small, free program is installed and the No Dialog mode is enabled, it will print out the computer screen to the default printer whenever you hit the print screen key.

MD0207 - Registry Distiller - Ver: 1.00 Beta
This program cleans and optimises your computer by removing obsolete and incorrect information from the registry. A cluttered registry implies slow performance and possible crashes. This fast cleaner will find and repair any errors resulting in a faster computer with fewer crashes.

MD0207 - Registry Trash Keys Finder
(TrashReg) is an advanced Registry cleaning tool. The main function of RTKF is to allow the removal of unnecessary keys from the Windows Registry.

MD0207 - Registry Tweaker - Ver:
Registry Tweaker is a powerful and fully automated application for tweaking your Windows Registry. This tweaker is different from other tweakers, because you actually see which keys are modified, you can even add your own tweaks in the database.

MD0207 - RSS Xpress - Ver: 2.6.186
The application includes the essential functions for using RSS feeds and more.

MD0207 - ScreenHunter - Ver: 5.0
This screen capture tool isn't much more demanding than the Print Screen-to-Microsoft Paint method, but it gives you more control over the details, such as what the screen shot will contain and where it will end up.

MD0207 - Screenshot Captor 2.28.01
Screenshot Captor is a free tool that enables you to take a grab of your entire screen, a specific window or simply a section of the screen. It's a superb little tool that competes with the commercial screen-grabbing tools on the market.

MD0207 - Spider Player - Ver: 1.80
Spider is a free feature-rich audio player for Windows based on Bass audio library from Un4seen with Unicode support.

MD0207 - SysTree++ - Ver: 1.7
A cross-over between MS spy++ and Taskmanager. A complete tree-hierarchy of your system, so you can see literally everything that's running on your system. Lets you monitor, manage and save all processes, threads and windows running on system.

MD0207 - Visualiser Photo Resize - Ver: 5.31
Visualiser Photo Resize is a complete package for digital photographers and webmasters who wants to resize, improve and share photos fast and easy.

MD0207 - WebAllow - Ver: 1.21
WebAllow is a parental control utility that restricts access to all but selected websites. If you are concerned that your teenager instead of doing the homework is browsing the Internet this tool is for you.

MD0207 - WebRipper - Ver: 1.30
WebRipper is a free Internet scanner and downloader, which is easy to use, yet powerful and fast. Download massive amounts of images, videos, audio, executables or documents from any website in just a moment. No need to waste your time clicking the links and saving every file manually.

MD0207 - What Changed - Ver: 1.06
What Changed is a simple utility that searches for modified files and registry entries. It is useful for checking program installations.

MD0207 - XP Hidden Application Interface - Ver: 1.0
XPHAI provides access the those hidden and powerful applications that are built into Microsoft Windows XP.

MD0207 - ZipCentral - Ver: 4.01
ZipCentral is a free and easy to use zip file manager with all the utilities you need to manage your zip files. It is a great tool for the beginner as well as the expert. Working with zip files has never been easier.