Monthly Disk May 2005

Freeware & Shareware

MD0505 - AceHTML Pro - Ver: 6.05.2
AceHTML Pro 6 is a tool that allows you to build and manage professional Web sites. You get total control of your Web-development projects, thanks to an array of design tools. The program's interface is completely customisable. With AceHTML Pro 6, you'll master all standard Web-coding languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, ASP, and PHP.
Licence: Trial; Cost $34.98

MD0505 - AceMoney Lite - Ver: 3.7.2
AceMoney Lite is free account-management software. It's easy to use and will help you keep a tight rein on your spending habits, your stock portfolio, and your bill payments. With more than 100 transaction categories, support for password protection, 150 currencies, and more than 20 supported languages, AceMoney Lite is powerful and clever enough for any home user or even for small businesses. Licence: Free

MD0505 - Ad Smasher - Ver: 4.1.28
Ad Smasher automatically stops pop-up ads and all other Internet annoyances. It stops animated Flash ads, third-party activity (pages that pull special ads or send information to other Web sites), timer ads (full-page ads that sleep for 10 to 15 seconds, then take you to what you clicked on), Web bugs, messenger-service ads, and most floating ads.
Licence: Trial; Cost $19.95

MD0505 - Advanced Diary - Ver: 1.1
Need simple and free private digital diary for daily records? Advanced Diary is a perfect choice. It supports multiple diaries and multiple entries for a single day. Advanced Diary is clearly structured and easily searched. Interlinking one entry to another is possible as well.
Licence: Free

MD0505 - Advanced X Video Converter - Ver: 3.9.21
Advanced X Video Converter is a comprehensive Windows tool that makes it easy to convert, join, and split videos among AVI (DivX, XviD, MPEG-4), MPEG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2), WMV, ASF, VCD, SVCD, and DVD formats. It also can extract audio tracks and images from video. Licence: Trial; Cost $29.95

MD0505 - BitComet - Ver: 0.57
BitComet is a powerful, clean, fast, and easy-to-use bittorrent client. It is P2P file-sharing freeware fully compatible with Bittorrent, which is one of the most popular P2P protocol designed for high-speed distribution of 100MB or GB sized files. Licence: Free

MD0505 - Convert - Ver: 4.10
Convert is an easy to use unit conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions. Licence: Free

MD0505 - CounterSpy - Ver: 1.0.26
CounterSpy is an antispyware tool that detects, deletes, and protects your personal computer from a broad range of malicious software. CounterSpy searches and destroys existing spyware on your computer, but it also has sophisticated protection against recurring spyware threats, reducing the chances of getting new spyware. Licence: Trial; Cost $19.95

MD0505 - Dr. Salman's Window Security Toolkit - Ver: 4.8
Get over 51 Advanced Security Settings for Windows with this power tool. Window Security Toolkit helps you make Windows totally secured by providing access restrictions on the control panel, display settings, network, passwords, users, DOS, games, Internet, memory, printers, desktop, system, Internet Explorer. Licence: Trial; Cost $19.95

MD0505 - Express Scribe - Ver: 4.01
Express Scribe is professional audio player software designed to assist the transcription of audio recordings. It is installed on the typist's computer and controlled using the keyboard (with 'hot' keys) and/or foot pedal controls. This computer transcriber application features variable speed wave playback, foot pedal operation, file management and more.
Licence: Free

MD0505 - Fast Defrag Standard - Ver: 2.0
PC speed at a crawl? It may be because your data is so scattered, your PC doesn't know where to look. Fast Defrag Standard defragments your hard drive to free up RAM. Not only does this speed up your computer, it increases your system's stability. Licence: Free

MD0505 - File-Rescue Plus - Ver: 3.0
There are nearly as many ways to delete your data as there are ways of saving it. File-Rescue Plus can restore many kinds of disaster-beset data. This utility recovers files from not only hard disks, but also digital cameras, floppies, Jaz drives, flash media, SmartMedia, and other data formats. Licence: Demo; Cost $40

MD0505 - HT Fireman CD/DVD Burner - Ver: 1.0.011
Honestech's HT Fireman CD/DVD Burner 1.0 shows you easiest way to burn Data disk and Audio CD. To burn disk, you only need to drag-and-drop files/folders into HT Fireman 1.0 from Explorer, and click "Burn!" button. You can get burned disk with only a few clicks and drags. HT Fireman 1.0 allows you to create/continue/complete the multi-session data disks.
Licence: Free

MD0505 - HTML Link Validator - Ver: 4.33
HTML Link Validator is a professional tool for checking web pages for broken links, on a web server or on your local computer. Whether a novice or an experienced webmaster, you should always test your web site for broken links. There are many reasons why a link may be broken. Licence: Trial; Cost $35

MD0505 - HTMLgate - Ver: 12.2.1B
A very efficient, powerful web-editor,for experienced web designer and beginners. HTML gate includes all the features and tools you will need to design, build and publish web sites, as quickly as possible. Advanced coding features with syntax support, is excellent and you can create, edit and publish in all popular languages. A FastEdit [WYSIWYG] helps you with better designs and the W3's HTML Tidy helps you to easily check and reformat your web-documents. Licence: Free

MD0505 - JR Directory Printer - Ver: 1.2
The JR Directory Printer utility allows you to print a listing of every subdirectory and/or file contained within a directory and/or subdirectory. It supports lowercase/dos style filename, file size in KB/bytes, attributes, custom file length, etc. Licence: Free

MD0505 - Lavavo CD Ripper - Ver: 3.19
With Lavavo CD Ripper, you can rip CDs to MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, APE, VQF, and WAV formats in only one step. You also can convert MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, APE, VQF, and WAV files from one format to another and burn MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, APE, VQF, and WAV files to audio CDs directly. Licence: Trial; Cost $19.95

MD0505 - LogonStudio - Ver: 1.0.64
Stardock LogonStudio allows Windows XP users to edit, change, and apply new logon screens. LogonStudio comes built with a visual editor to make it easy to create your own logons which can then be uploaded to web sites to be used by others. Licence: Free

MD0505 - NoClone - Ver: 3.1.204
NoClone is a file utility that finds and removes true duplicate files by true byte-to-byte comparison, not by CRC. It searches duplicate file contents regardless of filename. Duplicate MP3s, photos, and any file type can be searched. With Smart Marker, files are selected for deletion. Licence: Trial; Cost $26.80

MD0505 - Offline Explorer - Ver: 3.6 SR1
MetaProducts Offline Explorer is a Windows program that allows you to download an unlimited number of your favourite Web and FTP sites for later offline viewing, editing, or browsing. Licence: Trial; Cost $30

MD0505 - Paragon Encrypted Disk - Ver: 3.02
Protect private and sensitive data from potential unauthorized access. You can encrypt a virtual disk image with a modern and reliable encryption algorithm, including AES (a 256-bit key), Blowfish (a 448-bit key), and Triple DES (a 192-bit key). Licence: Trial; Cost $29.95

MD0505 - Password Depot - Ver: 2.1
Password Depot is a powerful and user-friendly tool for managing all your passwords. Although it is very simple to use, it has the most complete and sophisticated range of powerful features of all Windows password utilities.  Licence: Trial; Cost $29

MD0505 - Privacy Guardian - Ver: 3.2
Privacy Guardian is a safe and easy-to-use privacy protection tool that securely deletes online Internet tracks and program activity records that are stored in your browser and other hidden files on your computer. Licence: Shareware; Cost $29.95

MD0505 - Registry Mechanic - Ver: 4.0
Registry Mechanic is an advanced registry cleaner for Windows that can safely clean and repair problems with your registry in a few simple mouse clicks. Easily fix problems with the Windows registry that are a common cause of crashes and errors. Licence: Trial; Cost $29.95

MD0505 - TClockEx - Ver: 1.4.2
This author of this program wrote it out of frustration at the taskbar clock for not showing the date. This freeware program, TClockEx, changes that, and adds more features to it, as well.
Licence: Free

MD0505 - Undo Delete - Ver: 1.0
Data lost due to virus attack? The quarantine process at the time of virus attack might delete the infected files. Maybe some files are deleted by the virus on your disk. Even, some programs can accidentally delete your files if they crash during a transaction with a file. So, you may lose files even if you do not delete them intentionally. You can recover such using Undo Delete. Recovers files deleted without placing these files in the Recycle Bin. Restores the structure of deleted folders. Explore all the files (including the deleted one) on your system. Licence: Trial; Cost $29.95

MD0505 - Wash N' Go - Ver:
Wash N' Go is a system-cleaning tool that securely wipes your system and Internet-surfing traces, including passwords and credit card data. The program supports 10 browsers (Internet Explorer, Advanced, Avant, Enigma, Firefox, Maxthon, NetCaptor, Netscape, Opera, and Slim Browser). It cleans more than 30 Windows system areas, 10 MS Office programs, and more than 50 popular Internet-related software programs.
Licence: Trial; Cost $24.95

MD0505 - WinRAR - Ver: 3.42
WinRAR is a 32-bit Windows version of RAR Archiver, an archiver and archive manager. RAR files can usually compress content by 8 percent to 15 percent more than ZIP files. WinRAR's main features include strong general and multimedia compression, the ability to process non-RAR archive formats, ZIP compression and decompression, support for long filenames, programmable self-extracting archives (SFX), repair of damaged archives, authenticity verification, embedded file comments, and encryption.  Licence: Trial; Cost $29

MD0505 - WinRescue XP - Ver: 1.08
Prevent system crashes, troubleshoot for problems, or back up data with this all-around utility. WinRescue lets you choose from five ways to back up and restore your Registry. You also can set specific times for backups: it backs up your Favourites folder, Start menu, and any other files you specify. It also identifies problems with connections to your printer or the Internet. Licence: Demo; Cost $25

MD0505 - ZoneAlarm Free - Ver: 5.5
If you have DSL or a cable modem, your IP address is permanent. Although this has benefits, it also carries the serious shortcoming of rendering your PC vulnerable to attacks. A firewall, in this respect, becomes not just desirable but a necessity. ZoneAlarm is a top choice, and best of all, the basic version is free.  Licence: Free

MD0505 - Xandros - Ver: 3.01
This is the latest version of Xandros/Linux Desktop Open Circulation Edition. Full details on the May CD.  Licence: Free