Monthly Disk May 2008


Anti Virus

EAV Antivirus Suite Free Edition - Ver: 5.61
EAV Antivirus Suite can detect and eliminate spyware, Trojans, key loggers, adware programs, browser hijackers, cookies, spy bots, trackware, and other malware, even new and unknown ones, on your PC.


iDump - Build 27
This program will allow you copy your songs from your iPod to a PC.

MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter - Ver: 0.18
Pick up your audiobooks where you left off listening to them on your iPod.

Free Audio Ripper - Ver: 1.51
Free Audio Ripper is a powerful application designed to extract audio tracks directly from CDs to MP3 easily.


Dreamworldsaver - Ver: 2.0
This screensaver consists of 32 beautiful nature and animal pictures which are displayed on your screen in a slideshow with many great transition effects.

Keybreeze - Ver: 3.1.1
Keybreeze is a small, command-line toolbar that's only visible when you are using it. You can activate it by pressing a hotkey on your keyboard.

Napalm - Ver: 1.0
With Napalm, you can draw on your Windows XP/Vista desktop using animated fire.

QuickMonth Calendar - Ver: 1.3
QuickMonth Calendar is a freeware program which displays a small calendar on your Windows desktop whenever your mouse hovers over the clock in the system tray.

Digital Imaging

ExposurePlot - Ver: 1.13
Analyse your digital photography preferences using photo EXIF data.

WIA-Loader - Ver: 1.4
Transfers pictures from a digital camera to the PC. It offers features to name the pictures and folders.


eMailaya - Ver: 3.0.5
Lightweight E-mail client with eMailaya features whatever can be done with mail servers, can be found here multiple accounts, backup files, mail drive, and RSS, all in one small file.

Iconix eMail ID - Ver: 3.50.1
Tired of trying to figure out which email messages might be phishing or fraudulent spam? Iconix eMail ID lets you see what's real before you even open the message.


Breakout in Space - Ver: 3.0
The objective of the game is it to keep a ball in the game (with the help of your board) until all breakable game blocks are destroyed.

Icy Tower - Ver: 1.3.1
Harold the Homeboy has decided to climb a huge tower he found the other day. It's up to you to help him get as high as possible without falling down,

PakMan 2008
If you love arcade games, you won't be able to tear yourself away from PakMan 2008! Guide either PakBoy or PakGirl through mazes and over bridges, collecting as many crystals as possible.


Atlantis Nova - Ver:
Great little word processor that does it all - except charge you a bundle.

Extreme Units Converter - Ver:
Extreme Units Converter is a small, handy and free utility which gives you the ability to perform the conversion between the most widely used units in Physics, Math, and Chemistry etc.

Lingoes Translator - Ver: 2.1.1 Beta
Lingoes Translator offers dictionary lookup and text translations for more than 60 languages.

The Fifth Element - Ver: 3.03
Ssuite Office's The Fifth Element, which has come from South Africa to take on Microsoft Office, is a collection of office applications that is even deeper than its famous competitor.

The Hat - Ver: 2.3
Just like drawing names from a hat to determine a random order for a group of people or to choose individual random names or pairs of names, complete with cool animation and optional sound effects.

The MagicBook - Ver: 6.3
The MagicBook is an electronic colouring book with a twist. Allow children of all ages to develop their computer and artistic skills.


BitMeter - Ver: 2 3.5.6
BitMeter 2 is a bandwidth meter, it allows you to visually monitor your Internet connection by displaying a scrolling graph that shows your upload and download speed over time.

CSS Horizontal Menu Generator - Ver: 3.1
CSS Horizontal Menu Generator is a free tool for WYSIWYG menu generation. Just add menu items, define colour and font settings and get an instant preview inside the program window itself.

FileZilla - Ver: 3.0.8
FileZilla is an FTP program for file uploading and downloading to and from your FTP site, server, or host.

Free Link Checker - Ver: 4.3
Free Link Checker is a desktop freeware tool that does broken link check. You specify a starting URL for checking and the link validator software finds dead links.

Getleft - Ver: 1.2
Getleft is a web site downloader, that downloads complete web sites according to the settings provided by the user.

KidRocket - Ver: 1.5
KidRocket is a web browser for kids, that limits Internet access to about a dozen child-safe websites (Sesamestreet, Crayola, Nick and others).

POP Peeper - Ver: 3.2
POP Peeper is an e-mail notifier that supports POP3, IMAP with Idle (AOL, AIM, Netscape, etc), SMTP, Hotmail, MSN, LiveMail, Yahoo,, etc.

RJ TextEd - Ver: 4.30
RJ TextEd is a web development tool and a Unicode text editor with features like syntax highlighting, advanced column mode and text folding.

WhoisThisDomain - Ver: 1.23
This utility allows you to easily get information about a registered domain.

WinSCP - Ver: 4.0.7
Freeware SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and SCP (Secure Copy) client for Windows using SSH (Secure Shell).

Multi Media

CD Archiver - Ver: 5.0
CD Archiver allows you to organise and catalogue your disc collection. Features Flashearth links are added to images that contain GPS information.

Visual CD - Ver: 3.0
Visual CD is a disk cataloging tool to index data CDs, floppy disks, hard drives and even folders.


Comodo Firewall Pro - Ver:
Comodo Firewall Pro is aimed to secure your system against internal attacks such as Trojan viruses / malicious software and external attacks by hackers.

Eraser - Ver: 5.86a
Eraser is a secure file deletion tool that allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times.

FG Password Generator - Ver:
allows you to create random passwords, using the fgrand (pseudo-random generator good enough for cryptographic purposes).

Hide My Windows - Ver: 1.7.1
This program can be used to quickly hide windows without closing applications. Any games, documents or application can be hidden from your desktop.

System Protect - Ver:
System Protect enables you to protect important programs, documents and files from accidental or unauthorised deletion.

Webmaster Password Generator - Ver: 1.3
Webmaster Password Generator is a powerful and easy to use tool to generate large lists of random passwords.


8Start Launcher - Ver: 1.6
A whole new way of launching programs and files, making your desktop clean and access/share notes fast and easy.

Auslogics System Information - Ver: 1.1.8
Auslogics System Information provides you with computer and Windows details, installed devices, running processes and services, memory and CPU usage and other information.

AutoHotkey - Ver:
AutoHotkey is a simple yet powerful hotkey (shortcut key) scripting language for Windows. Make any key, mouse/joystick button, or combination into a hotkey.

Cobian Backup - Ver:
Cobian Backup is a multi-threaded program that can be used to schedule and backup your files and directories.

Context Menu Editor - Ver: 1.0
Context Menu Editor can view and delete links to programs on your context menus (the popup menus you see when you right-click).

CrystalDiskInfo - Ver: 1.0 RC0 Beta
CrystalDiskInfo is a HDD health monitoring utility. It displays basic HDD information, monitors S.M.A.R.T. values and disk temperature.

DFIncBackup Home - Ver: 2.6
DFIncBackup Home lets you create incremental backup set that are compressed and stored in zip files.

Double Driver - Ver: 1.2
With Double Driver you can view which drivers are installed in your system and you can backup the drivers you choose.

DTweak Free - Ver: 3.9
This comprehensive tool will enhance the performance of your computer and will speed up its processes.

Heatsoft Clone Cleaner Lite - Ver: 1.06
Heatsoft Clone Cleaner is a program designed to find out and copy or remove duplicate files with same name, same size, same content on your local computer, or network computers.

iSysCleaner Pro - Ver:
iSysCleaner Pro is a simple tool that searches for junk files on your computer and allows you to delete them.

ProcessScanner - Ver: 1.1
Display all of the service and programs running on your PC.

Rainmeter - Ver: 0.12
Rainmeter is a small desktop gadget that allows you to monitor vital system information.

SelfImage - Ver: 1.2.1
SelfImage is capable of making an image file of a hard disk or hard disk partition.

Start++ - Ver: 0.7.9
Start++ is an enhancement for the Start Menu in Windows Vista.

Task Killer - Ver: 2.30
This process manager allows you to quickly terminate applications, processes, windows, to start/stop Windows services and etc.

UndeleteMyFiles - Ver: 2.2
UndeleteMyFiles is a free tool to recover accidentally deleted files from hard disks, USB flash drives, CF and SD cards and other storage media.

WinPdf - Ver: 1.0
WinPdf is a virtual printer driver that enables you to convert any printable document to PDF format.


Video Card Stability Test - Ver:
Video Card Stability Test + 3D Benchmark + 3D Screensaver.

Windows Service Pack

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is an update to Windows Vista that addresses feedback from our customers.