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October 2010

The Melbourne PC User Group was formed in September 1983, and the first issue of PC Update appeared in March 1984 under the title MELB-PC. The name was changed to PC Update in September of the same year and has remained unchanged ever since.

Through until mid-1986 it was listed as "A Publication of the Australian PC User Association" as it was hoped to represent all User Groups throughout Australia and reduce costs by sharing a common publication. In July 1987 it was decided it should be known as the magazine of the Melbourne PC User Group. The use of colour was first introduced in August 1988 and was gradually extended to when it was published monthly as a 64 page magazine in full colour.

Unfortunately not all articles that appeared in the hardcopy version of PC Update are available for reproduction in these pages. Those that have been omitted in recent years has been mainly due to the absence of an Author's Release, or a reprint from an associated journal. Some product reviews of previous years have been omitted as the product is no longer available or relevant, although other articles have been included as they are of historical relevance and interest. [ See also "A History of Melbourne PC User Group"]

A large proportion of the magazines prior to 1990 contained detailed listings of Shareware programs which were distributed from the Melb PC Shareware library and are no longer relevant today. However all the President's Reports and Editorials (if they appeared) have been included to represent a basic history of Melb PC.

This project would not have been possible without the help of many members. Particular mention should be made of Ash Nallawalla who was the Managing Editor, Editor or Reviews Editor almost continuously since July 1988 to 2007, Gary Taig who managed, edited and produced PC Update from 1999 through to December 2007 following many years assisting in several other capacities, and Peter Smith who over the years has been President of Melb PC, Editor and Production Manager of PC Update and was able to make available copies of the early editions of PC Update from his extensive library.

However special recognition must be given to the hundreds of members who have contributed articles over the years, and also to the financial support provided by advertisers in PC Update and the products they have made available for review. In the short time these pages have been available online and the messages we have received from all over the world, there is considerable interest in the unbiased product reviews that form an important part of PC Update.

Stan Johnstone

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Stan Johnstone