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This is an eclectic collection of favourite sites on the World Wide Web chosen by The Internet Ferret (TIF). They have been collected from random and elsewhere. This text is Copyright by the person aka The Internet Ferret. Unauthorised reproduction of the total document is prohibited. But TIF hopes you enjoy the sites. [Ed: These sites were the subject of the "rapid surf at the groups Internet seminar in October. Space precludes us from publishing all TIF's comments.]

Astrophotography gallery 

David Miller spends a lot of his life in outback Australia working for the Department of Meteorology. His photographs of the galaxies have brought him international recognition. See why at this special site.

Movie Reviews on the Edge

Mr Cranky Rates the Movies is a fun site. With his ratings from one to four bombs and a gelignite stick for a real Bunker, Mr C. keeps the film moguls fuming. Be advised, see the film first before reading his reviews.

Search supreme

When you need information in a hurry, try the new Australian mirror site for the powerful AltaVista search engine. AltaVista Australia has indexed over 30 million pages found on 275,600 servers and 4 million articles from 14,000 Usenet news groups.
Powerful Boolean searching adds to the value of AltaVista.

Who's a guru?

Since the earliest days of computing, Howard Rheingold has been both a visionary and a guru. Visit his eye-opening site Brainstorms and catch up with his visionary outlook. His book Tools for Thought, now out of print, is available online for free. Go to his Pixel Theatre to see digitising of his amazing oil paintings. Read about the people and ideas of the next computer revolution.

A Guide to Australia

What do you want to know about Australia? Whatever it is, this is the place to start fossicking. The Australia Index is a special interest network that links sources of Australian information and information about Australia.

Utne Reader

Utne Online has been created by the publishers of Utne Reader in the USA. The magazine publishes the best of the alternative press and is considered to be the progressive or left alternative to the Readers Digest. Often has articles that challenge orthodox views. Find out more about the real America.

Web Museum

Internet movie database

Peeping Tom home page 

Want to see what is going on in the world right now? Then check out this mind-boggler. You'll find online cameras in most corners of the world from Africa to Zambia just waiting for a stickybeak like you.

Lonely Planet online

Planning a holiday? Then be sure to visit this one. Lonely Planet guide books have been recognised for over 20 years as great sources of information for travellers worldwide. Check out the up-to-date info , on this site. No hype and fact-packed.

The Christian Science Monitor

24 Hours in Cyberspace

When Rick Smolan, the man responsible for the amazing series of coffee table books A Day in the Life of.., announced this project cybernauts wondered how it would end up. See the incredible results and wonder at the power of modern technology to produce the digital equivalent of a prehistoric cave painting. Proof that the world is a wonderful place.

The Internet Public Library

Christ in the Desert 

Isolated in the desert of New Mexico is a group of monks continuing their age-old monastic tradition. But they've gone digital. Their site is a joy to the eye, the ear and the heart. All the artwork is beautiful to behold, as most of it is based on reproducing the appearance of stained glass windows. Listen to their brilliant Gregorian chants, be stilled by their contemplative writings.

Electronic postcards

The World Factbook

Whatever information you want to know about any country in the world, this is where you'll find it. Satisfy your own curiosity, amaze your kids and grandchildren. Everything you're ever likely to want to know about anywhere... and it's bang up-to-date and free-courtesy of the world's top spy agency, the CIA.

Stroud's CWSApps list

My Virtual Reference Desk

Project Gutenberg

Microscapes: The Australia collection

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library

Corbis home page

I have to be frank and admit that I'm not a great fan of Bill Gates. But when I look at the collection of digital images he has collected worldwide I grudgingly admire the work he has done here with his squillions of bucks. Pity that he charges a fee for every image you might want to download.

The Corbis archive contains a diverse range of subject matter, including biography and portraits, technology and engineering, natural and life sciences, history, the fine arts, landscape and geography, sports, political and social issues, people and cultures, and many more. Worth visiting just for the exhibition devoted to that giant of the 20th century Frankin D. Roosevelt.

China the Beautiful

0zlit-Australian literature

TWIG-The Weekly Internet Guide

Australian Governments' entry point

Blacklist of Internet advertisers

National Library image collection

The National Library of Australia's Documentary Images is one of the hidden treasures on the Net, particularly for Australians. The Images 1 database contains more than 13,000 images of works of art including watercolours, paintings, drawings, prints and photographs. It is just a sample of the images available in the National Library's Pictorial Collection. The images found in Images 1 originated from two distinct projects: the APOLLO Videodisc Project and the Portraits Project.

Ultimate Collection of news links

Adbusters' Culture Jammer's Headquarters

Utne Link Free-for-All

Reprinted from the December 1996 issue of PC Update, the magazine of Melbourne PC User Group, Australia


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