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Thursday 20th June 2019 - The upgrade to Wordpress version 5 had some unforseen side effects which have taken longer than anticipated to resolve.  However, we are have now resolved most of the problems and anticipate resuming website improvements very soon.

Sunday 9th September 2018 -  The update merging the original Services and Member Information area has been completed except for the Committee Minutes and Reports pages, which still have their original format. We have attempted to gather information and links on member benefits and services in one place - namely the Member Services page.

As the Minutes and Reports collection has some 19 pages, each of which can have up to 36 links to downloadable files, there is quite a bit of work to implement a new page layout.  This work will be ongoing, starting with the 2018 and 2017 pages, and working through to 1999.

Wednesday 22 August 2018 - The next update is now scheduled for around Friday 7th September.  This update will include changes to the "About Us" Menu, namely a reordering of the left hand menu links and the addition of a linked page about hiring our facilities.  The Committee page and the Rules page will be merged into one page.  The remaining links will be the same, just the order will be changed.

The main change for this update will be the merging of the existing "Services" and "Member Information" top menus into a single "Member Services" top menu.  The Member Services page is intended to give a summary of the member services benefits with links to more information as appropriate.

Tuesday 24th July 2018 - Some more Updates to About Us and Member Services.

Updates are soon to be made to the About Us page.  These updates are intended to add a new item to the sidebar menu giving details of arranging hiring of Melb PC Clubroom facilities for meetings and/or presentations etc.  This will also involve a re-arrangement of the order of the menu buttons - and the merging of the pages giving information on our Rules and Committee.  The other pages will not be changed.

A more substantial update is also being worked on.  This involves the merging of the current "Services" and "Member Information" top menu items into a single "Member Services" top menu item, and thus a reworking of pages linked to the new menu item.  It is intended that the Member Services page and sidebar menu will summarize and display links to information on the majority of member benefits in one place.

Friday 8th June 2018 - Updates to the Home Page, Monthly Meeting Page and About Us Page have been completed.

A summary of changes:

The Home Page, About Us Page and Monthly Meeting Page and a number of pages linked by the new side menus on these pages have been reworked.

The top menu bar has had a minor reworking - the previous "Contact Us" page has been merged with the "About Us" page reflecting the changes to the About Us Page.  The About Us menu item has been moved to a position next to the Home menu item.

The "Members Area" menu item has been relabelled to "Members Area Login".  There is no change to the functionality of this menu item.

Tuesday 5th June 2018 -  It is intended that the updates mentioned below will be migrated to the main MelbPC website by late Friday 8th June.  Visitors may notice the occasional glitch on Friday while existing pages are being updated.

Thursday May 10 2018 - We have commenced updating the first batch of web pages on our development site.

These changes are centred around 3 pages at the top level of the site, namely

  • The Home Page
  • The Monthly Meeting Page
  • The About Us Page

There will also be some related changes in the top navigation menu, and a few small new pages which will be linked off the 3 pages mentioned above.

Once the updates have been reviewed and approved, they will be moved to the main Production site which will then be visible on the internet.

David Hatton