Archive of Monthly Meetings/Presentations

 MelbPC Download: Videos of monthly meetings (approx. 2GB inc break, 2.5Mbps)
Office365 Download: Video Library (Incl. meetings) (selectable quality, 0.796 to 3.8Mbps)

MelbPC Download of monthly meetings, is available upon entering the latest email issued username and password (not your email ones). Videos of presentations at the last meeting are generally available about 1 week afterwards. These are high resolution large file size videos. In particular, the sizes are too large to download with most mobile broadband plans.

Office365 Download is an alternative, via our members area login using your Office365/Yammer username and password, the same video files are available with selectable Quality. Click on the … symbol and select Quality. The lower rates are more suitable for those with a mobile broadband connection.

Video on Disc may be the preferred option if your data download allowance and time is limited, and is made by order from the MelbPC Office on Ph: (03) 9276 4000 for $4.00 delivered. The disc with high quality video, also contains all copies of PC Update and any alternate Monthly Newsletter.

iHelp Website Demo (5-7-2017) :  Video of Remote Session (selectable quality, login required)


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