SIG Changes

SIG Changes

Page last updated: 10-Jan-2018

Recent Important Changes to SIGs & SIG Meetings — name, date &/or location

Please advise changes/corrections to:

  • Large number of changes for Dec & Jan
    • meeting cancellations or date-moves due to holidays & Xmas/New Year quiet patch
    • See calendars on homepage, in the Current Notices section.
  • Music SIG – NO meeting in January
  • Everything Apple SIG – change of meeting dates
    • Commencing Feb-2018:
      • Meet 2pm – 4pm on the third Tuesday of the month.
      • No meetings in January or December.
      • Next Meeting: Tuesday, 20-Feb-2018 at 2pm.
  • Wyndham SIG has now ceased – no more meetings

This page is probably more recent than PC Update. If in doubt, contact the relevant SIG Convener directly.

Full current listing for SIGs is at SIG-List — includes above changes