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Review: Windows 10 for Dummies

 by Choi Lai and Clemens Pratt –  ( 22 Sep 2015 )

“… It would be particularly valuable for anyone new to computing for whom Windows 10 is their first
operating system.”

Review:  The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC book for Digital Photographers

by Colin Everingham  –  ( 25 Nov 2015 )

“A very useful book for anyone wanting to learn Lightroom. Many of the methods will work in earlier versions of Lightroom.”

Review:  Raspberry Pi User Guide

by John Hall  –  ( 5 Jan 2016 )

“This book is the definitive guide to the Raspberry Pi mini-computer written by the co-founder of the Raspberry Pi organization – Eben Upton – and co-written by Gareth Halfacree – a technical journalist with in depth knowledge of the Raspberry Pi, Linux and Micro-electronics.”