SIGs - Recent Changes

SIGs - Recent Changes

Page last updated: 27-Mar-2020

Recent Important Changes to SIGs & SIG Meetings — name, date &/or location

Please advise changes/corrections to:

This page includes Corona Virus meeting-changes — latest known meeting changes (cancellations) will be posted to this page.

All face-to-face (physical) meetings of Melb PC are cancelled (suspended) till further notice.

  • This is to comply with Government requirements re the CoronaVirus.
    • Includes Monthly Meeting – planned to be online only, not face-to-face
    • Includes all SIG meetings
    • Networked “virtual meetings” are being investigated for use as an alternative during the Corona Virus situation.
  • Specific meetings

    • Access (database) and Excel SIG (13-Apr) – meeting will be online only, not face-to-face
    • Coder Dojo session (28-Mar) – cancelled – see:
    • Investment Tools – WASINT SIG (??) – meeting will be online only, not face-to-face
    • Microcontroller Workshop SIG (28-Mar, 11-Apr, 25-Apr) – cancelled.
      • There may be some availability for projects – check with convener re possible building access.
    • Website Design (29-Mar) – face-to-face meeting cancelled. Virtual conferencing being investigated.
  • Other changes
    • Video Production – Pinnacle SIG: now In Recess. No further meetings until further notice.
    • Web Design SIG – For March-2020 (only), meeting moved to 5th Sunday of the month

This page is probably more recent than PC Update. If in doubt, contact the relevant SIG Convener directly.

Full current listing for SIGs is at SIG-List — includes above changes