SIGs - Recent Changes

SIGs - Recent Changes

Page last updated: 30-Nov-2018

Recent Important Changes to SIGs & SIG Meetings — name, date &/or location

Please advise changes/corrections to:

  • Committee:  Melb PC Committee meetings are the third Tue of the month, 7pm at Moorabbin HQ.
    • There are Committee Meetings in both Dec-2018 and Jan-2019.
  • There are a VERY large number of changes for the Dec & Jan, too many to list here.
  • Casey SIG
    • Casey SIG “Main Meeting” on second Friday of the month continues in 2019
    • Casey SIG “Workshop Meeting” is cancelled for all 2019.  (Previously on fourth Friday of the month.)
  • Everything Apple SIG
    • January meeting is ON – normal date-time – Tue 15-Jan-2019, 2pm-4pm

This page is probably more recent than PC Update. If in doubt, contact the relevant SIG Convener directly.

Full current listing for SIGs is at SIG-List — includes above changes