Corona Virus Related Update - Recent Changes

Page last updated: 24-June-2021

Moorabbin Clubrooms - Access update

Update from from the President - 22 June 2021.

"  == Office Opening ==

During these uncertain Covid times we cannot always guarantee the office will be open during regular office hours. So please always call ahead if you intend to visit the club rooms for non-SIG reasons.

For SIG meetings at Moorabbin, be guided by your SIG convener and notices.

Right now the rules mandate masks to be worn.

Important:  You MUST register in for Covid tracing when entering the club rooms. There are QR codes for that posted around the clubrooms. If you have a smartphone you must scan the QR code. If you don't have a smart phone you are permitted as a last (possibly not fully legal!) resort to sign in on the clip board on the front counter. This is about the government Covid tracing, nothing to do with the Member attendance log scanner next to the library door.

Failing to register for Covid tracing is an offense."


Online Meetings during Covid-19 restrictions

During Covid-19 restrictions, most of our monthly SIG meetings previously held in our usual locations are being held online.  These meetings are typically conducted on the Zoom platform. To find details of current SIG meetings that you might be interested in please see the latest Monthly Calendar   where you can find details of registering for online meetings.

Melb PC Members are entitled to attend any SIG meeting as part of their membership benefits. Non Members are welcome to attend  up to three online meetings as guests.  To register to attend an online meeting,  please use the Register link in the Monthly Calendar entry for the SIG meeting of interest.

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