Melbourne PC User Group (Melb PC) started in 1984 and today has over 3000 members. Membership of Melb PC is probably the best accessory you can buy for your personal computer. Our motto is "members helping members" - you can contact fellow members and attend specialist meetings and learn from each other!

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Office 365
Upgrade of melbpc.org.au accounts to Office 365.
This upgrade occured on 9th February 2015 as per information sent to all Member mailboxes. If you have a melbpc.org.au mailbox, please contact iHelp for assistance if you have not received this information or see the iHelp page.

Office 365 Services After you have logged in with your Office 365 melbpc.org.au account name and password, you can use all Office 365 services at the Office 365 Portal

Office 365 Please join the Melb PC Yammer Discussion Forum by clicking on the Yammer Tile after you log in to Office 365 to ask any questions.
For more information please see http://stg.mpcug.net.au/ (Email (Office 365) Migration link)

Melbourne PC User Group August Monthly Meeting
The August monthly meeting is on Wednesday 5th 2015 at 7:00 pm at Melbourne PC User Group headquarters, Level 1, Suite 26, 479 Warrigal Road, Moorabbin (near Corner Cochranes Rd).
For Meeting details please see http://stg.mpcug.net.au/ (Monthly meeting link)

Committee Reports Reports from June Committee Meeing now available upon entering a username and password.

Live Streaming of Monthly Meetings
From 7:00 PM, the monthly meeting can be watched live at http://tv.mpcug.mobi on your PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone. Some but not all Android tablets can work as well. We will start broadcasting from approximately 6:00 PM with some sample streams for testing, so you will have time to set up your computer, television or tablet to watch. Computer users will need to use a web browser with a recent version of Flash Player installed. To get the latest version, visit http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ or install Google Chrome which comes bundled with the latest version of Flash Player. Your iPad, iPhone and compatible Android tablets will play the stream in their respective media players without additional software.
NB: It is expected that watching the entire live stream (including breaks) will use approximately 400 MB of your monthly allowance. Exercise caution if you are on limited data-allowance 3G/4G wireless plans to avoid excess usage charges.

High Resolution (and Streaming) Videos of the Monthly Meeting Presentations available

July 2015 Videos now available for download.
Office 365 Upon entering a username and password, videos of the monthly meeting may be downloaded. Videos of presentations at the meetings from April 2014 to July 2015 are available. These are large file size high resolution videos. If your data download allowance and time is limited, by far the preferred option is to order the videos on Disc from the MelbPC Office on 03 9276 4000 for $4.00 delivered. In particular, the files sizes are too large to download with most wireless broadband plans. The disc also contains all copies of PC Update and the alternate Monthly Newsletter.

Melb PC 3G and 4G Data and Phone Plans

An Optus Mobile Coverage Map provides an general indication of 3G and 4G data availabilty. Usability may vary with local wireless conditions.

PC Update Newsletter Web Portal
Melb PC has now established a PC Update Newsletter Download Site to distribute your monthly magazine to the membership. You will receive via email, a username and password to download each edition.

Office 365
July PC Update Newsletter available for download.
Also available from Melb PC Yammer.

The full calendar for the following month:   July 2015

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