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Melbourne PC User Group Inc.

We are a club whose members have an enthusiastic interest in all aspects of computing including both hardware and software. Areas of interest range from small microcomputer circuit boards through mobile devices to traditional desktops and laptops. We have many subgroups (SIGs) whose members meet on a regular basis in suburbs all over Melbourne and in our clubrooms at Moorabbin.

Our members - close to 2000 of them - have a wide range of experience and knowledge - some members are just beginning their computing adventure and others have had many years of wide ranging experience. We all learn from each other, and our motto is:  Members Helping Members.

The SIG meetings are where you're able to get involved in not only in getting familiar with computing, but also in a range of different activities that use computer technology, like photography and genealogy. You can learn how to get the most out of your smartphone or just get help trying to work out something that's gone wrong with some of your own technology. We have workshops for those interested in microcontrollers and the popular Raspberry Pi.

We also have a get together once a month at our Moorabbin Clubrooms where we have speakers from inside and outside our club give talks and demonstrations on various aspects of computing and society.

Membership of the Melbourne PC User Group is probably the best accessory you can buy for your personal computing devices.

Members of Melbourne PC User Group can enjoy the club’s private online based forum. Members share the latest tech news, help each other solve PC problems or simply chat about the affairs of the day.

Sounds interesting ? See our About Us page for more details of our activities and the benefits of becoming a member.