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The Melbourne PC User Group Inc.

Members Helping Members since 1984

We are a club whose members have an enthusiastic interest in all aspects of computing, with  areas of interest from small microcomputer circuit boards through mobile devices to traditional desktops and laptops.

We have many groups, usually referred to as SIGs,  whose members meet in suburbs all over Melbourne and in our clubrooms at Moorabbin.  Lately, we have been meeting online.

Our members have a wide range of experience and knowledge - some members are just beginning their computing adventure and others have had many years of experience. We all learn from each other.




Members can obtain help with specific internet or device problems from our iHelp SIG via phone or email, and can participate in the club’s private online forum. The forum enables Members to share the latest tech news, help each other solve PC problems or simply chat about the affairs of the day.

Sounds interesting ? See our  About Us  and  SIG  pages for more details of our activities and the benefits of becoming a member.

Our Featured Activity

Video Production is a popular interest among Melb PC members.  There are three SIGs dedicated to Video Production, in normal times two meet in our Moorabbin Clubrooms and the other meets in Mt. Waverley.  During the Covid-19 restrictions they are now meeting online.  Like to join in ?  For details and websites see the SIG List

Our Featured Group

If you want to find out about Microsoft's Windows operating system, then the Windows Plus SIG is the place to go.  Covering all current versions of Windows but often concentrating on Windows 10,  you will find these meetings - currently online  - invaluable in helping  you get the most from your device.

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