Summary of Common Settings for

undefined Optus Mobile Broadband 

Our service is being discontinued from 30-Sept-2017. No new subscriptions are being accepted.

Always uninstall any previous wireless modem before replacing
MelbPC Optus Account: #96560414000155, 479 Warragul Rd Moorabbin
Optus Customer Care: Ph133 697, Tech Support: Ph1300 589 914,
Browser address for Wi-Fi modems:,, or
Account Type: Post Paid Business
Connection Name: Yes Optus
Profile Name: Optus Connect or APN Name
APN (static): connect, connectme, or yesbusiness (as Default)
Access Number: *99#
Connection to the available DNS servers is automatic and no configuration is necessary
Optional Outgoing Email Server:
* See also Menu Item "Mobile Broadband"

undefined Email

For configuring client programs for the Melb PC Office365 service
Incoming Mail Server
  POP3: (SSL on port 995) or
  IMAP: (SSL on port 993)
Outgoing Mail Server 
  SMTP: (STARTTLS/TLS or SSL on Port 587)

Exchange (Win10/Win8 Mail, Desktop Outlook, Thunderbird/add-on, Most Phones & Tablets)
  Domain: (If requested)

Your email address is used to log into the email system at:
Mail Inbox - or
Office 365 Portal -

It is also used for Yammer and Member Services below

  Social Groups

Yammer Groups:
News Server (NNTP): (N/A currently)
News Forum: (N/A currently)

undefined Home Page & Web Server (International) (Public Access)

Internet Services Page (Member Services)

Your web page
Available on application: see "Where to get your own Web page" (N/A currently)
where "username" is the name you use to log into the system

FTP server for upload of your web page: (port 21) (N/A currently)


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