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Melb PC Library information

As a service to members of Melbourne PC User Group, a reference library of approximately 900 computer books is provided at our Moorabbin Headquarters.

Members who come in to the Headquarters may just browse books on the shelves, or borrow a book and retain it on loan for a period of one month. A limit of three books may be on loan to any one member at one time.

For general information & to assist in book selection, a link to the catalogue of available books is given below together with a copy of the library rules for the information of members.

Current copies of three magazines are placed on display for reference by visitors to the library: 1. APC  2. PC & Tech Authority  3. Choice Computer. These are not for loan.



  • All books on the shelves are available for borrowing by members.

  • The borrowing period is one (1) month

  • A member may have up to a maximum of 3 books on loan at one time.

  • Please register your selection in the "Library Book"

  • On return, place the book/s in the box on the table. Do not replace on the shelves. Mark the return in the "Library Book"

  • The computer (PC1) may be used to search for Titles, Subjects etc, but not for registering borrowings.

N.B. The library is of necessity run on an honour system. Our voluntary Librarian Clemens Pratt ( checks loans and returns once per week. Please observe the above simple borrowing rules and save our group postage and telephone calls chasing up overdue books. New titles will be added depending on the success of the current loan system.


To help modernise the library's holdings, donations of books within the interests of Melbourne PC User Group published in recent years are welcome; also cash donations for purchasing recent releases. Books can be left in the Library Box, cash given to our office manager Dianne Vogt. On request, donations will be acknowledged by a notation in the books themselves.

Catalogue: Catalogue listing at 22 July 2016

Coding scheme for library catalogue

Book review: Windows 10 for Dummies

Book review: Lightroom CC

Book review: Raspberry Pi User Guide

News Item - 9 September 2016: New books: These 10 new books have been placed on shelves & are available for loan in the usual way. 1. Pogue's Basics   2. Teach Yourself Visually WordPress 3rd edition   3. Teach Yourself Visually PowerPoint 2016   4. PCs All-in-one for Dummies, 6th edition   5. Build Your Own PC Do-It-Yourself for Dummies   6. Teach Yourself Visually Excel 2016   7. Word 2016 for Dummies   8. Photoshop Elements 14 for Dummies   9. Google Earth for Dummies   10. Building a Website for Dummies

News Item - 16 April 2016: Two new books have been placed on the shelves & are available for loan: Access 2016 for Dummies, and Excel VBA Programming for Dummies.

News Item - 19 January 2016: Raspberry Pi: The publishers John Wiley & Sons have kindly given MelbPC a complimentary copy of the splendid book “Raspberry Pi User Guide” by Eben Upton and Gareth Halfacree. A link to John Hall’s excellent review is given above; the review is also to be found in the February issue of PC Update. The book is now available for loan to members (code HA-57). Of further interest to Pi enthusiasts, the much smaller publication “Raspberry Pi, The Complete Manual” has now also been made available for loan: its code is HA-58.

News Item - 10 December 2015: Three new books on Windows 10 have been added to the library: OPS-102 Windows 10 at Work for Dummies, OPS-103 Windows 10 for Seniors for Dummies, OPS-104 Windows 10 All-in-One for Dummies, and are available for loan.

Last update: 13 January 2017