About iHelp


We are the RACV of the Computer World

An absolutely unique free service to members that is one of the best reasons for anyone joining, even if you never use us “It’s there if you need it”. Access to iHelp is not just appreciated, but in many cases the sole reason for maintaining membership. The Kangaroo is not the only thing unique to Australia.

Some members ring us once a Year, others once a Week, there is no limit to how much support you can get. We are however not Gurus, but have lots of contacts and the full resources of the Club. Every member knows “something” about computers, therefore collectively we can solve any problem.

iHelp can be accessed by Phone, Email, or Web form. Most questions are resolved on the spot or within the day.

We are available most days 10am to 3pm Weekdays, Holidays, Public Holidays, and often over the weekend. In fact the only day when you probably won’t get a response is Christmas day. Try us next time you have a computer problem! Alternatively, you can usually get rapid answers to your questions by posting in our member-only Google Spaces.

For those interested or involved in giving support to members, we welcome members to join our team if they have some technical knowledge and the ability to help others. Contact Dave Simpson.

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(Revised SG Dec 2022)