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About Us



The Melbourne PC User Group is Australia's largest and most active personal computing and technology club whose members have an enthusiastic interest in all aspects of computing. We are a non-profit volunteer based club which was started in 1984 with an initial focus on IBM compatible PCs. Today the club has much broader interests.

The Melbourne Computer Club is a division of the Melbourne PC User Group Inc.

Some of the benefits our members enjoy are listed below …

Help with computer related problems:

The iHelp (internet help) team provide assistance to members who are having internet or computer problems. iHelp is available from 10am to 3pm Monday to Friday. Full details are on the iHelp web pages.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) :

Many of our activities are organised as meetings of members in Special Interest Groups (SIGs). A SIG is simply a group of members, usually living in the same geographic area, with a common interest.

Membership entitles you to attend any of our SIG meetings. You can see a detailed list of our currently active SIGs here

Monthly Meetings:

On the first Wednesday of each month (Feb-Dec) our members get
together for an entertaining evening where members can get help with their computer problems and keep up to date as visiting experts and members demonstrate new software and hardware. More details here

PC Update – our club emagazine:

PC Update is our monthly club emagazine available as a free download for all members or for a small extra cost as a printed newsletter. Articles by fellow members and invited experts enhance your knowledge of computing and emerging technologies, as well as providing a reference for all the club activities.

Our Clubrooms:

Located south east of the Melbourne CBD in the suburb of Moorabbin.
Members are welcome to drop in and use the facilities, which include internet access via wifi or ethernet and access to computers in the internet lounge loaded with interesting software to try out.

Our Library:

As a service to members a reference library of approximately 900 computer books is provided at our Moorabbin Clubrooms. Members may just browse books on the shelves, or borrow a book and retain it on loan for a period of one month.

Our Workshop Facilities:

Members can arrange to use our workshop facilities which include a 3D printer, lathe and milling machine, as well as a selection of hand tools.

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