QR scanning is important
24th July 2021
Curious Kids: how does music get onto a cassette tape?
19th August 2021

Roger Brown

DOTW is a lighthearted look at some of the sillier events of the week. Don’t take it too seriously and do pop over to Chit Chat and vote each week. Thanks to those of our members who occasionally ‘feature’ for taking the gentle humour in such good part.

July winners were:

• The anti-vaccination protesters who have been subjecting health workers to violent, racist abuse and spitting.

• The pair of bitter brothers who filmed themselves on an excavator destroying their late mother’s house amid a feud with their sister over the mother’s will.

• Our intrepid Sydney removalists who clearly broke all the rules (eg mask wearing) and who failed to provide contact tracers with accurate information.

• And a local winner for the WORST JOKE of the WEEK! Jon Teeuwsen with “We’re all overcoates!”

• The thousands of anti lockdown protesters who marched through Sydney and Melbourne last weekend placing the health of the entire community at risk.

Thanks to all participants, including those who feature in our supplementary LOSER award!!