2015-sep – SGM – Special General Meeting re Rules

Notice of Special General Meeting – Proposed Rule Changes

The following email was sent to all members late Thu 3-Sep …

Adjourned Special General Meeting Cancelled


The Special General Meeting convened for Wednesday, 2 September failed to reach a quorum.

Members present were informed that the meeting would be adjourned to be reconvened next Tuesday, 8 September.

That adjourned Special General Meeting has now been cancelled.

Instead the Motions for the amendment of our Rules will be placed on the Agenda for our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 4 November.

The notice announcing our AGM and elections of Officers and Committee will be sent to you shortly.



(a) as the message text above indicates, we were short of the quorum of 100 last night (by about 10).

(b) at the time we decided to follow the rule allowing an adjournment. However upon checking we confirmed a suspicion that was raised during the discussion yesterday, viz. that there was a defect in the process of calling the SGM (the notice was too short).  So we decided to wait until the AGM and reintroduce the same set of motions.


Geoffrey Keenan

Secretary, Melb PC

3 Sep 2015


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Prior notice follows …

  • Date: 2 September, 2015
  • Time: 7:45 PM
  • Location:  Borrett Meeting Room, 26/479 Warrigal Road, Moorabbin

Special General Meeting (SGM) to consider Motions to amend MelbPC Rules (constitution).  The SGM Notice mailout is in process – you should have received your email message on 17 or 18 Aug.  It is not practical (nor feasible with the current system) to send around 9000 attachments, so this web page will be the source of the full information.  Your email message will refer to this webpage for the:

  • Notice of Meeting (also known as “notice-september-special-general-meeting-16aug2015“).  This notice contains the proposed Motions.
    • Download notice here.

Three other relevant documents are:

  • Proxy Form: download here.
    • An earlier version of the Proxy Form said that it could be returned by fax to MelbPC.  This was an oversight – MelbPC no longer has a fax line or facility.  The new version above has the reference to fax removed, but in all other respects is identical to the earlier version.
  • Full Proposed Rules: download here.
  • Current Rules: download here.

An explanation of the reasons for the recommended changes, and comparisons of the old wording and proposed wording, are given in PC Update, Aug-2015, pp.4-7.  An extract of just these PC Update pages is here.

The Monthly Meeting will commence as normal at 7pm, but will be suspended during the time of this Special General Meeting.