Monthly Meeting/Presentation Live Streaming

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  • General Meeting (Moorabbin): Live Video of Meeting Using Zoom (Approx. 400MB inc break, 0.5Mbps)
    Watch Online from 7:00 PM first Wednesday of the month, on your PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone. Some but not all Android tablets can work as well. Broadcasting will begin about 15 min earlier with some sample streams for testing, so you will have time to set up your computer, television or tablet to watch.
    Computer users may need to use a suitable web browser such as Edge(chromium), Chrome or Firefox. Your iPad, iPhone and compatible Android tablets will play the stream in their respective media players without additional software.
    Note: Exercise caution and disconnect during breaks, if you are on a limited data-allowance 3G/4G wireless plan, to avoid excess usage charges
  • Access & Excel SIG (Moorabbin): Live Video of Meeting, Using Zoom
    Watch Online from 6:30 PM. second Monday of the month
  • East SIG (Blackburn South): Live Video Of Meeting, Using Zoom
    Watch Online from 7:30 PM, second Thursday of the month
  • Essendon SIG (Avondale Heights): Live Video of Meeting, Using Zoom (Details see Essendon Notices)
    Watch Online from 9:30 AM every Friday

Questions to General Meeting Q&A Session
At any time before or during this session you may submit a question to be answered by the presenter:
1/ Log into Yammer group -Monthly Meeting Live using your MelbPC email address & password
2/ Enter/Share your Question
Alternatively click iHelp Support Request, enter your details and prefix the Problem Description with “Monthly Meeting Live”.
We will then forward the Question to Yammer on your behalf.


(Revised LW Oct 2020)