First Aid is only available between 10:00am and 3:00pm weekdays. This may include office and public holidays.

iHelp may be available for a logged job 9:00am to 9:00pm any day, or according to a members preference, subject to the availability of staff. Non financial members will be asked to renew membership before support is provided.

The following volunteer iHelpers are generally available as follows


Day iHelper Phone Live Chat & Talk*
Monday Cedric (Home Visits) 03 9276 4091 Call Us
Tuesday Mike (Dial Help) 03 9276 4092 Call Us
Wednesday am Call Us
        ”             pm Harry (Committee, Office365) 03 9276 4097 Call Us
Thursday      am Stewart Gruneklee (First Aid) 03 9276 4015 Call Us
        ”             pm Kevin (First Aid) 03 9276 4094 Call Us
Friday            am Bert (First Aid) 03 9276 4096 Call Us
        ”             pm Dave (Convenor) 03 9276 4095 Call Us
Technical Richard (Yammer, Office365, Backend) 03 9276 4098 Call Us

(*A microphone is required for the Talk function. Android users should allow this in Notifications)


All follow up emails should be addressed to [email protected]  Marked Attention: iHelper Name, and include your member number. All follow up phone calls can be made to the Office Ph 03 9276 4000  for redirection as required.

For difficult problems we may request to connect to your Computer using GoToAssist or other remote software. This program will generally be removed automatically next time your Computer is re-booted

As all iHelpers are volunteers and not necessarily experts on everything. Any assistance is given in good faith subject to your agreement.


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(Revised LW Aug 2020)