Summary of Common Settings for MelbPC Users


Mail Inbox – or
Office 365 Portal –

Select Work or School account
Log into the email system with
Your password is common to Office 365, Yammer and our website Members area.

Client Settings
For configuring client programs for the Melb PC Office365 service
Incoming Mail Server
POP3: (SSL on port 995) or
IMAP: (SSL on port 993)
Outgoing Mail Server
SMTP: (STARTTLS/TLS or SSL on Port 587)

Or use Exchange (Win10/Win8 Mail, Desktop Outlook, Thunderbird/add-on, Most Phones & Tablets)
Domain: (If requested)

 Social Groups

Yammer Groups:
News Server (NNTP): (N/A currently)
News Forum: (N/A currently)

Home Page & Web Server (International) (Public Access)

Internet Services Page (Member Services)

Your web page
Available on application: see “Where to get your own Web page” (N/A currently)
where “username” is the name you use to log into the system

FTP server for upload of your web page: (port 21) (N/A currently)

 Optus Mobile Broadband

Our service is now discontinued. No new subscriptions are being accepted.

Always uninstall any previous wireless modem before replacing
Optus Customer Care: Ph133 697, Tech Support: Ph1300 589 914, (N/A)
Browser address for Wi-Fi modems:,, or
APN (static): connect, connectme, or yesbusiness (as Default)
Access Number: *99#
Connection to the available DNS servers is automatic and no configuration is necessary
Optional Outgoing Email Server:
* See also Menu Item “iHelp Q&A” under Internet (or open here)


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(Revised LW Jul 2018)