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Steve Costello, SEFCUG

In the course of going through the more than 300 RSS feeds, I often run across things that I think might be of interest to other user group members. The following are some items I found interesting during the month of December 2019.


How To Clear Browser Cache In All Web Browsers


There are times when the browser cache needs to be cleared. This post gives clear instructions on how to do it in Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, and Opera.


Exercises For Computer Users And Office Workers – Nerd Fitness


As a computer user, I sometimes forget to get enough exercise. If the same is true for you, check out this post for some quick and easy suggestions to keep fitter.


Do You Need A 4K HDMI Cable?


Just get a 4K TV for the holidays? Check out this post before going out to spend lots of money on a special 4K HDMI cable.


5 Ways to Get In-Car Wi-Fi for Internet Access on the Go


Some cars come with in-car wi-fi. If yours doesn’t and you want everyone able to access to the internet, check out this post for some ideas.


How To Encrypt A Flash Drive Without Bitlocker


If you want to encrypt a flash drive and don’t have a version of Windows that includes Bitlocker, check out this post for some alternative methods.


USB Flash Drive vs. External HDD And SSD: Which Is Best For You?


Are you confused about which of these you should be using? If so, check out this post that explains the advantages and disadvantages of each.


How to Make Gmail Your Default Windows 10 Email Client


I know I don’t want Outlook to be my default email on Windows 10, so as soon as I saw this post, I followed the instructions and can now use my Gmail account.


The Wonders Of Wordpad – Cyn Mackley


You don’t have to go out and buy a word processing program or learn a whole office suite just to write simple documents if you have a Windows operating system. The Wordpad program is built right in. Cyn explains some of the basics in this post.


What Is Creative Commons & Explanation Of Each License


Every once in a while I like to remind anyone who blogs, edits a newsletter, or wants to use information or photos, that there is a legal way to do so. There is a great amount of good information and images available for use under Creative Commons licensing. Check out this post to learn more.


How To Upgrade From Windows 7 To Linux


With the last Windows 7 updates being January 14, 2020, there are probably some of you still wondering how to replace Windows 7. This post does a good job of showing how to upgrade to a Linux operating system. (Note: I ended up getting a new Windows 10 Home desktop, upgrading my Windows 7 Home laptop (4GB RAM) to Windows 10 Home, and setting up my old Windows 7 Home desktop (2GB RAM) as a dual boot Linux Mint 19.3 desktop to be able to still use some older Windows software, yet still be able to securely access the internet when necessary via the Mint O/S.)


The Best Antenna Set Up For Cord Cutters


There seems to be more and more interest in cutting the cord these days. If you are thinking about going with an antenna, you should check out this post first.


Is A Microsoft Office Subscription Worth It?


If you have moved up to Windows 10 and thinking about Microsoft Office, check out this post from Leo Notenboom before making the final decision. Leo talks about cost factors in this post.



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