Monthly Meeting


Our next Monthly Meeting is on Wednesday 1st May 2019 

6:45 Registration with new trial QR system. Buy your raffle tickets!

At 7.00 pm sharp our MC Peter Bacon will open the meeting.

President’s report, John Hall

Main speaker: Michael Brand - The Data Science Revolution, a User's Guide.

Our guest speaker for May is Michael Brand, whose career has been centred on data in all its forms. The topic of digital disruption through data analytics is nowadays continuously in the news. But what is data analytics? How is it done? What value is gained from it? And with all the terms thrown around – Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Predictive Analytics – where does the hype end and reality begin? In this talk, Michael will make some order in the mess, clarifying both the technical realities of advanced analytics and its business realities, and will lay out a roadmap of how any organisation can make data part of its business strategy.

8:00 (about). Social break. Cafe format same as last month. 

8:25 Raffle 

8:35 George Skarbek Q&A

After the break: Tim McQueen -

Tim is back! After the break Tim McQueen will continue his series of fascinating and scintillating chats about a varied and eventful career in computing / EDP / MIS / IT or whatever it will be called next year!

9:20 George Skarbek What's new. An interesting roundup of computer and technology news from around the world.

9:30 Close

You can connect to  live streaming when the Monthly Meeting is taking place.  Raffle tickets will be on sale at the door, or they can be pre-purchased by contacting the MelPC office on (03)9275-4000.