Monthly Meeting


Our next Monthly Meeting is on Wednesday 3rd March 2021

 For full details  please refer to the Monthly Meeting email.

             7:00 PM Hybrid meeting. Registration link is on the Calendar of Event.


 Guest speaker:  Colin Pudsey of SilVRAdventures will tell us about Virtual Reality for Seniors

                        George Skarbek will present on "What improvement in performance will you receive when

                                                                            you upgrade your RAM from 8 to 16 GB."

Presidents Report

Q & A

iHelp Online:  hosted by Bert Alesich and Team.

After the meeting: Informal iHelp discussion may continue on an adhoc basis.

If you would like to submit questions for any of our speakers, you need to do so via Yammer. All you need to do is join the 'Monthly meeting live' group and post there.