Monthly Meeting

Our next Monthly Meeting is on Wednesday 1st February 2023

We are going to run this as a "hybrid" meeeting, meaning we will be in person in the Borrett Room at the club but also opening it up to members via Zoom. Click here a little before 7pm to join the meeting on Zoom or make sure you have secured your raffle tickets at the door and are seated before 7pm. Our MC, Peter bacon, will start at 7pm sharp.

Online registration details can also be found in our Events Calendar  before the meeting date.


Guest speaker:  Greg Keogh is a software developer in real life, but he has many nerdy hobbies that include astronomy, computing, music, movies, science fiction and the history of mathematics. In this presentation titled Huge Numbers, Infinity and Beyond he discusses the history of the concept of infinity. You will learn why Buzz Lightyear's movie catchphrase "To Infinity and Beyond" is not quite as funny as the writers intended. You will see numbers so large they confound mortal minds. You will learn how to fit an infinite number of guests into a hotel with an infinite number of rooms that are all full. You will learn of paradoxes that might make you doubt reality exists. Since this is a PC User Group meeting, the subject of computing is sprinkled through the presentation.


And then ...

We are going to have an extended interval with drinks and nibbles and an opportunity to have a bit of a chat and generally socialise. We will provide light nibbles, tea, coffee and soft drinks. Feel free to BYO beer or vino.


... And then ...

  • Hugh Macdonald, will deliver his President's report
  • We will then get a report from iHelp, courtesy of Stewart Gruneklee.
  • To wind up we'll have as long as you like to chat over Zoom. Please feel free to hang around; the socialising is good medicine in these stressful times.

... and last but not least ...

The restaurant has been arranged for WAFFLE, a relaxed social get together at nearby Fong's Chinese restaurant. Details and maps will be available on the night.



The meeting will recorded and subsequently published publicly.

See you at (or a bit before!!!)  7pm. Via Zoom or in person.



If you would like to submit questions for any of our speakers, you need to do so on the Zoom Chat panel.. All you need to do is join the 'Monthly meeting live' group and post there.


Monthly Meeting videos can be accessed here.  You will need to login with the credentials listed in the members monthly meeting email.