Monthly Meeting - Live Stream

Monthly Meeting - Live Stream


Live Streaming

Presentations at the Monthly Meeting may be viewed by streaming video during the meeting from 7pm to 9:30pm, with an approximate break of 20 minutes in the middle.

Please note that until further notice Monthly Meetings will be held online and streamed via YouTube which does not require flash player.

Technical Requirements: You can watch the live stream on your PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone. Some but not all Android tablets can work as well. Computer users will need to use a web browser with a recent version of Flash Player installed. Get the latest version at or install Google Chrome which comes bundled with the latest version of Flash Player. Your iPad, iPhone and compatible Android tablets will play the stream in their respective media players without additional software.

Connect to the URL during the time of the meeting at We start broadcasting from approximately 6:15 PM with some sample streams for testing.

Data Usage: Live-streaming can result in considerable data-usage - if you have a small download allowance from your ISP or mobile service provider, you may consider buying a disc instead (see below). Watching the entire live stream (including breaks) of a Monthly Meeting will use approximately 400 MB of your monthly allowance. Exercise caution to avoid excess usage charges if you are on limited data-allowance 3G/4G wireless plan.

Troubleshooting:  Problem - No video image

  • You may need to press Reload-Page / Refresh-Page tool  in your browser.
  • Ensure your Adobe Flash is up-to-date. Many browsers (e.g. Firefox, Chrome) silently refuse to play our stream if Flash is out-of-date.
  • Server or network has failed
  • Format not supported
  • There may not be any streaming taking place at this time.