CNC Project

CNC Project

The club has a Team of enthusiastic people including some visitors who are getting together on a regular basis to collaborate on building an ambitious CNC Router machine.


It is intended to have very flexible capabilities to cater for the wide range of member creativity and innovation. At the same time we are wanting a higher level of performance so the machine is being designed with good rigidity and tight clearances.

Lots of decisions are are being made toward this and all members and visitors are welcome to come along and get involved in the activity.

All welcome to join in.


Most Sundays from  1:00 PM to  4:00 PM.
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Catch up on what has been happening CNC Project Meeting Log
479 Warrigal Rd, Suite 26, 1st Floor, MoorabbinVIC 3189 Australia

We don't do a Zoom at every session especially when the session is workshop focused. The email that goes out each week will let you know if there will be a Zoom component. Join the mailing list details below

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CNC Project Meeting Log

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Organiser Contact - [email protected]
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