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PC Update is the Melbourne PC User Group magazine/newsletter.

The first issue of PC Update appeared in March 1984 under the title MELB-PC. The name was changed to PC Update in September of the same year and has remained unchanged ever since. The magazine has won a number of International Awards.  PC Update has been published in various formats, firstly as a printed newsletter, then a printed magazine, then an e-magazine, and currently as a e-newsletter.

Sample Issue


PC Update - May 2023

Contents include:

  • The Club View of Windows - Hugh Macdonald
  • Windows 11 OneDrive and a Microsoft Account: An Offer You Can’t Refuse? - David Kretchmar
  • Amid a STEM crisis, here’s what the 2023 budget promises - Kylie Walker
  • Is China out to spy on us through drones and other tech? - Ausma Bernot and Patrick F Walsh

and all the regular items

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