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February 2022

  • How to become a Linux expert by installing Arch - Roger Brown
  • Using Google Workspace - Greg Eden
  • Mandatory logins for ABC iview could open an intimate window onto your life - Michael Cowling
  • How To Delete Your Social Media Accounts - Sharon Horwood

March 2022

  • Potential Problems Ahead For Users of Three Popular Web Browsers - Kurt Jefferson
  • Free Tutorials – How to use Smartphones, Tablets and Computers
  • Make a Wi-Fi QR Code Using Android - John Krout
  • Tiny satellites are changing the way we explore our planet and beyond - Shane Keating and Clare Kenyon

April 2022

  • Using Linux as my daily driver - Hugh Macdonald
  • The other side of the Bitcoin - David Kretchmar
  • Beer and spirits have more detrimental effects on the waistline and on cardiovascular disease risk than red or white wine - Brittany Larsen
  • Australia plans to be a big green hydrogen exporter to Asian markets – but they don’t need it - Andrew Blakers and Cheng Cheng

June 2022

  • So this is how it feels when the robots come for your job: what GitHub’s Copilot ‘AI assistant’ means for coders - Ben Swift
  • It’s 2022. Why do we still not have waterproof phones - Ritesh Chugh
  • Did you bring it with you – the cloud is always with you - Sarasota Technology Users Group
  • Google Spaces, a replacement for Yammer - Dennis Parsons

August 2022

  • Taking tech too personally - Greg Skalka
  • Posters with Canva - Caden and Nathan Kang
  • Publishers vs The Internet Archive - Joanne Gray and Cheryl Foong
  • Even if TikTok and other apps are collecting your data, what are the actual consequences - Ausma Bernot
  • Book Review - How to Stay Smart in a Smart World - Tim McQueen


September 2022

  • Foxtel Cancellation, Network Switch Failure and Lifetime Warranty - Steve Stubberfield
  • My First Encounter With Linux - Stewart Gruneklee
  • The Tesla Optimus robot is not very impressive – but it may be a sign of better things to come - Wafa Johal
  • What is multi-factor authentication - Jongkil Jay Jeong,  Ashish Nanda, and Syed Wajid Ali Shah