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What's happening in your retirement?

Haven't had the time to catch up on the most recent developments in computing, photography, or making videos ?  Perhaps your interests are in photo editing, video editing or genealogy.

We have meetings, both on line and in person, where a group of people with a common interest explore ideas and techniques in these  topics.

Visitors are most welcome at any of these meetings,  You can find a list of these groups - we call them SIGs  (Special Interest Groups) - here.  Dates, times and places are listed in our monthly Event Calendar.

As well as these activities, we hold a regular informal "be connected" workshop at our Moorabbin Clubrooms on alternate Wednesdays starting at 10am. Anyone can come and ask questions about using and maintaining mobile phones, tablets, and/or desktop and laptop computers. Very useful if your device is doing strange things!  These workshops are also listed in the Event Calendar.