List of Printed PC Update

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Information about printed copies of PC Update.

During 2019 and early 2020, I have managed to search, sort and file as many printed copies of PC Updates I could find.  Not knowing when PC Update commenced, I had to rely on the earliest copy found in the library.  However, it is not complete.  There are several missing copies.  There was a period of disruption and PC Updates were put on hold.

These are the current print record of PC Updates filed and/or missing:

  1. 1988: Filed Feb to Dec; Missing Oct
  2. 1989: Filed Jan to Dec; Missing Mar
  3. 1990: Filed Jan to Dec
  4. 1991: Filed Jan to Dec
  5. 1992: Filed Jan to Dec; Missing April
  6. 1993: Filed Jan to Dec
  7. 1994: Filed Jan to Dec
  8. 1995 Jan to 2012 Feb: Filed
  9. 2012 June: Filed

The following can be found online but no printed hard copies:

  1. 2012: Feb to May, Aug to Dec
  2. 2015: Feb to Mar, June to Dec

Lastly, this is the only PC Update copy that is not found.  It is neither on hard copy nor online.

  • 2012: July

So far, these are the online PC Updates:

  1. 2012: Feb to May and July to Dec
  2. 2013: Feb to Dec
  3. 2014: Feb to Dec
  4. 2015: Feb to Dec
  5. 2016: Feb to Dec
  6. 2017: Feb to Dec
  7. 2018: Feb to Dec
  8. 2019: Feb to Dec
  9. 2020: Feb to Mar

The information here was prepared by Choy Lai