Melb PC Office 365 Accounts


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This page has details of the Melb PC Office 365 accounts available to members. These accounts enable members to access a cloud based suite of Microsoft Office 365 apps, view “members only” pages on our website, update their Melb PC membership details and renew their membership online.

Please note: The Melb PC Office365 ProPlus offer is quite different. It gives access to a licence for up 15 computers or devices, including full versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, and Publisher as installable software. Details are here.

A Melb PC Office 365 account normally has a username of the form  and a password. If you can sign in to Office 365 with this username and password via the Quick Links for Melb PC Office 365 Sign In on the Home Page, you already have an active Melb PC Office 365 Account.

If you cannot sign in as described above, you may need to request a Melb PC Office 365 account - see below for more details.

Request a Melb PC Office 365 account

Your new account will have a username which looks something like ...

The question will be - what do you want for yourname ? You will be asked for two preferred names (in case one is already taken). Your preferred names can be up to 24 characters long.

For example: Robert Smith might choose a preferred name of bobsmith175.

To request a Melb PC Office 365 account you can use this online form or phone our office - see Contact Our Office for details. We usually expect to process new account requests within 3 business days.

If you want further assistance setting up or troubleshooting your account, please contact iHelp (Tech Support for members).

About Melb PC Office 365 accounts

It is anticipated that Melb PC members will have a Melb PC Office 365 account set up for them when they join.

Please Note: Having an active Melb PC Office 365 Account does NOT mean you must use Melb PC as your email provider – members can nominate their preferred email address from any non Melb PC email provider. Nor are you obligated to use Office 365 apps, although many of our members find them attractive and useful.

You will, however, need a Melb PC Office 365 account to access member only pages on our Melb PC website.

Melb PC Office 365 accounts enable you to use …

- Cloud versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote

- OneDrive – with up to 1 TB of cloud storage.

- Cloud-based Email (Outlook), and Calendar

- SharePoint