Meeting Details

The MOONEE  VALLEY COUNCIL  have notified us that we may commence our meetings for 2022 from Friday 4th February at 9.30 am.

For those attending our Meetings at the Nancye Kirchner Neighbourhood Centre the following requirements apply.

1.NO entry before 9.30am whilst pre – cleaning and meeting preparation in progress

2. Social distancing inside and outside maintained at all times.

3. Anybody not feeling well should not attend, Zoom Meetings will be run from the centre for those not attending.

4. NO admission without Proof of Vaccination and registration using the Services Victoria QR code or Membership Bar Code via attendance computer.

5. KITCHEN closed until further notice.   Members to bring own refreshments, Water, Soft drink,   Coffee  in Thermos etc.

6. At meeting conclusion, centre to be evacuated without delay to allow post – cleaning to commence.






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