Message to all Essendon Members

Zoom Meetings are being held for Essendon Members and any member of Melbourne PC User Group & Visitors on every Friday starting at 9.30 am.

 Zoom Meetings for 2021 have started and commence@ 9.30 am and will be run in conjunction with meetings being held in the centre on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Fridays each month, except on Public Holidays.  ( ZOOM Meetings held as usual on every Friday)

Starting from Friday 19th March a NEW log-on for the next 20 Zoom meetings is required and is as follows.

If you are new and interested in participating, the above link is for our new reoccurring Friday Zoom Meetings.

( Same link every  meeting )

For a copy of John Nelson presentation on Macrium Reflect at Mediafire



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