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Files for download:
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Using Google to Research Your Family Tree PowerPoint presentation (16 May 2011) 345KB

New PDF on Using the Family Search website pdf (4 April 2011) 128KB

Searching the Web for Family History Data.doc (4.May 2009)35KB

Genealogy – Web resources and URLs 25KB

Sources & Notes documentation and analysis PPS by Colin Ackehurst (17.March 2008) 208KB

Genealogy Presentation by Colin Ackehurst Date: 19th Feb 2007

Files available on request

Please E-mail Colin Ackehurst for any of the following files.

Searching the Web for Family History Data.ppt
Due to file size, please bring your Memory stick or CD to download this PPT at our meeting. 8.6 MB

DNA for Family Historians ppt (4.May 2009) 1.36MB

Colin Ackehurst’s Presentation “An Introduction to GEDCOM files”, 400KB

Using computers in Genealogy Part 1 Colin Ackehurst 0.8MB

Using computers in Genealogy Part 2 Colin Ackehurst 1.4MB

Using computers in Genealogy Part 3 Colin Ackehurst 2.5MB

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Updated: 17th September 2019