Mornington Peninsula PC Family History

Meeting Details: Mornington Community House, 3/91 Wilsons Road Mornington
01.00 PM to 04.00 PM every 3rd Monday a month, except January 2022
Convener:  Ian Thomson

Next Meeting:

Monday, 18th July 2022

****   1:00pm to 4:00pm   ****

This will be a “Hybrid” meeting. We encourage you to come to the meeting room, but you will also have the opportunity to stay at home and attend this meeting by using the Zoom link.

Since the last Family History meeting, the committee has been discussing ways that our hybrid meetings can be improved for everyone taking part. We realise that the image for those attending by Zoom can be pretty boring at times, whereas the members at the Community House can talk to each other. To overcome this, we are making some changes. From 1 to 1:15pm we will be displaying an image that will give you some instructions as to how you should prepare to take part in the session. The meeting will commence at 1:15 and we will cut out the coffee break. Those members at the Community House can make a cup of coffee at any time and the meeting will be continuous.

This was last month AGENDA

 Q & A Session

We are always keen to hear how you are going with your Family History research. We would like to hear about any “Eureka Moments” that you have had in recent times. We would also like to hear about any problems that you have been confronted with.

  1. A continuing research project on members of my distant family

This is a continuation of a project I am gradually working on using many sorts of family history resources.

  1. An update on various Family History websites

3.1      The Lost Cousins Newsletter

Peter Calver has just had operations on his cataracts, so he is probably seeing his research more clearly.

Marriage Register confusion in England and Wales; and a comparison with the system in Scotland.

The 1939 Register, an invaluable resource that can now be used in conjunction with the 1921 Census.

3.2      Who Do You Think You Are (The Magazine)            July issue

Free genealogy sites

A guide to research in Cheshire

Researching Royal Navy records from the 20th century

3.3      Ancestry                           

The Ancestry website has undergone a few changes, so that it looks a bit different. They have also added some new features. One of them, which I have some doubts about, is called “Traits”.

In a recent Lost Cousins Newsletter, Peter Calver wrote about DNA tests and gave the thumbs-up to Ancestry DNA.

3.4      Find my Past                    

FmP continues to add interesting, and sometimes unusual, records to their system. They still have the exclusive rights to the 1921 Census of England and Wales. These census records can provide valuable information, but at an extra cost.

3.5      FamilySearch                   

FamilySearch is totally free, but I get very little information using their basic research method. But I am getting some very interesting documents using the link to FamilySearch from Family Tree Maker.

3.6      My Heritage                      

I have now received an offer from My Heritage and I am studying it carefully. I know some of you are users of My Heritage and I want to learn more about it.

3.7      Family Tree Maker

John Donaldson, from VicGUM, has published a comprehensive article on the People Workspace in Family Tree Maker. This is probably the most important component of FTM and he has highlighted many aspects of this workspace which can be overlooked.

3.8      Scotlands People

If you have Scottish ancestors, you have to use S. P. The next big thing for them will be the 1921 Census of Scotland, but there is no release date yet.

3.9      VicGUM                            

The world’s oldest family tree revealed in a 5,700-year-old Cotswolds tomb.

Exporting reports from Family Tree Maker to Excel

 We will conclude the afternoon with some videos, yet to be selected.

Ian Thomson,          0425 859 306

On behalf of the Mornington Peninsula PC User Committee

 Updated: 20th June 2022