Mornington Peninsula PC Family History

Monday, 20th September 2021 at 1.00 PM

Our meetings will no longer be at the Mornington Information Centre but at the Mornington Community House
3/91 Wilsons Road, Mornington 3931

 Life has gone on since our Zoom meeting that was held on Monday, 16th August and not much has changed. So, the meeting to be held at 1:00pm on Monday, 20th September will be another 100% Zoom meeting. Our equipment, most of which has now become redundant, is still at the Information Centre and we are making plans to acquire a new laptop, which will become our principal item of equipment and much more portable than the old desktop computer. The projector has become unnecessary now that we are using a wall-mounted flat screen.

In regard to zoom, it is advisable that you keep your computer updated with the latest version of zoom. I have just updated to version 5.7.8 (1247)

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Monday, 20th July 2021

****   1:00pm to 4:00pm   ****

  1. Q & A Session

If you have any questions relating to your Family History research, we would like to hear them, and someone might be able to help you. We would also like       to hear about any “Eureka Moments” that you have had in recent times.

  1. Some unusual results from a research project

I have been undertaking a research project on the family of a particular lady, in         an attempt to prove a theory. I encountered some unusual results that I hope you will find interesting.

  1. A report on attending a zoom meeting of Geneast

          Genealogy East used to meet at Vermont, but a combination of the   loss of their meeting venue and Covid has transformed this to a monthly zoom        meeting on the third Thursday.

  1. An update on various Family History websites

4.1      The Lost Cousins Newsletter    

A summary of recent items from Peter Calver’s Newsletters

Plan to map churchyards causes confusion

A Spanish problem resolved by DNA

4.2      Ancestry                                     

Ancestry is claiming that the AncestryDNA results will be updated with even   more precision this September. What does this really mean?

4.3      Find my Past                              

Private Messaging in Australia and New Zealand

New Warwickshire Parish Records

A quick look at some Friday Videos

4.4      Family Search                            

Some recent experiences with Family Search

4.5      My Heritage                                

Some recent information from My Heritage

4.6      Family Tree Maker                               

Backing up Family Tree Maker

4.7      Who do you think you are (the magazine)

We will have some items from the most recent edition (September)



The Merchant Navy

The1901 Census

4.8      Scotlands People

The problem of Covid seems to have slowed down any new developments from     Scotlands People. This includes any announcements about the date that the 1921 Scotland Census will be available for download.

 4.9      PROV           Public Record Office Victoria

Latest news from Despatch

 4.10    TROVE                             

Recent searches in Trove

4.11    VicGUM                            

A short report on the most recent VicGUM zoom meeting.

4.12    Family Tree DNA              

In an e-mail dated 2nd September, FamilyTreeDNA announced the release of the new myOrigins Chromosome Painter for Family Finder

 5       Afternoon Tea Break          at about 2:30

6.               Videos

          6.1      Managing Scanned and Digital Photos   Jenny Joyce 23:46

                               From Family History Downunder

  Ian Thomson, on behalf of the Mornington Peninsula PC User Committee

                     0425 859 306


Updated: 15th September 2021

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