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A New Video Repository on AWS S3 services for Melbpc User Group videos. (Test Site Only)

From Genealogy  SIG

Graham Ackland’s Useful Tools    Who Crashed (A Comprehensible Crash Dump Analyser)   An IconRestorer

Malwarebytes Anti_malware Premium Version. Get rid of your malware and stay protected.

Shows what processes are running and the likelyhood they may be malware or other undesirable processes.

All About Matroska (MKV)

Find out all about MKV files and tools to manipulate mkv files

Matroska Home Site

MKVtoolsnix The premier software for working on MKV files

Sound Files Conversion Tools

To get you started.

eac3to         This is the premier sound file conversion programme.                    (command line only).

eac3to gui     A graphical user interface (GUI) to use with eac3to.

eac3to           User guide

tsMuxer        Programme to Demux and Mux sound files.

tsMuxer GUI   A GUI for tsMuxer

Multi Channel Sound Test Files

Demo Test Sound Files This is an excellent site to find the various types of multi-channel sound files that you can dowload to test your home sound system.

Personnel Video Records (PVR)

IceTV : The premier site for EPG’s (Electronic Program Guides) for most brands of PVR’s and has a wealth of information about setting up most of the popular PVR’s brands and models and connecting to your home network.

Communications – Broadband – ISP’s – Modems – Routers

Whirlpool : Comprehensive site providing news about the Australian broardband network, a comprehensive directory of ISP services and plans, routers and modems and a very active discussion forum on all these topics.

Media Centres – Home Theatre – Windows Home Server

Australian Media Center Community

Windows Home Server

Get a free beta copy of Windows Home Server here. An excellent site for anybody wanting to get started with WHS.

Microsoft Windows Home Server : The Microsoft forum on WHS.

Sony Playstation PS3         All about Sony PS3.

Microsoft X-Box           All about Microsoft X-Box.

Video Editing and DVD Backups

Doom9 : A great site for up-to date news and free software to prepare and modify video files and to create your own DVD’s.

Playing Video

VLC : A very good media player (free) that will play most of the video file formats.

Editing Recorded PVR Files

VideoReDo: One of the best programs for editing your PVR files and creating DVD’s . It does a lot more than this. Get a free evaluation copy and try it out.

Video Conversion Programs

Xilisoft Video Converter : Excellent program for converting you video file formats. Easy to setup and use.

Special useful in converting files obtain from IViewNapper to DVD’s

Note this program is not free but 15% discount is available to 30th Dec 2010. Use coupon code xva7261997

Pavtube HD Video Converter

Similar to Xilisoft- Free trial version- $35 to purchase.

Stopmotion Pro

Stop Motion PRO All about StopMotion as discussed by Ross Carter

Foxtel on T-Box

Find out more about Foxtel on T-Box from Telstra – URL outdated – previously:

Also ADSL@ Coming Soon

Smart TV,s


Samsung – URL outdated, previously –

Problem connecting your Media Player to your Lan Network ?

Checkout this following Site for possible fix here – URL outdated – previously–fix-samba–smb/

J-River Media Center

Download a free trial version of J-River Media Center as described by Graham Acland

Build Your own NAS Box

Download a free limited version of UNRAID

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