Notes from our Monthly Meetings

Meeting Notes – What goes on at our monthly meetings ?

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The Meeting Notes collected here are the result of a team effort.  Paul Addis usually starts things off by taking notes at our meetings to produce a first draft – a difficult task well done.  David Hatton, Stephen Davidson and Nick Vespo review the draft and sometimes make suggestions for improvement.  Paul then produces a final version which ends up in the MelbPC PC Update newsletter and here on our SIG website.

October 2017 Meeting

The evening meeting opened with an informal discussion of Mobile phones available via the grey market and their suitability for use in Australia. The discussion partly related to the frequency bands supported by the phone, and broadened out to include other factors such as supported protocols. […]

September 2017 Meeting

It has become “normal” for our meetings to start with the Linux News compiled by Nick Vespo, and this month’s meeting was no exception. The news was a presentation by a young-ish George Hotz, an entrepreneur who has founded a company called dedicated to move forward the trend towards self-driving cars.   […]

August 2017 Meeting

The meeting started with the latest Linux News, provided by Nick Vespo. The first item showed a video camera setup using the Raspberry Pi for control and Amazon’s Alexa for voice commands. […]

July 2017 Meeting

The meeting started with the latest Linux News, provided by Nick Vespo. (Normal service has been resumed).

Google is close to releasing its successor to Android, called Fuschia. The code is all new, and not reliant on the Linux kernel. The aim has been to support only mobile phones and tablets, and avoid the extra code that Linux contains to handle the wide variety of devices that it supports. […]

June 2017 Meeting

Nick Vespo was unable to be with us for the June Meeting due to a customer need, so the meeting started with the Open Forum session chaired by David Hatton. He started proceedings by advising that the default Raspberry Pi password should be changed a […]

May 2017 Meeting

There was no regular Linux News video for the meeting because Nick Vespo was unable to be with us, but the fill-in video was was recorded on 14th May and was just as interesting and very topical – it was about the current ransomware attack.  The Wann […]

April 2017 – No Meeting due to date clash with Easter.

March 2017 Meeting

This month’s Linux News – from Nick Vespo – started with an item called “What’s New in Android Wear 2.0.” It was about Google trying to free their watch from needing a phone to operate with. It showed the watch with an improved user interface.The wat […]

February 2017 Meeting

Nick Vespo’s Linux News consisted of a single item: A Conversation with Linus Torvalds. The item was longer than the usual time allotted to Linux News, but all present were happy to see the full interview. Linus was relaxed during the interview, and […]

January 2017 Meeting

Our first meeting of the year took place on a hot January evening. We survived the heat  well because the meeting room has air conditioning….a blessing on evenings like that.  Nick Vespo’s Linux News opened the evening’s proceedings. First came a v […]