Sunbury Daytime SIG

Convenor:    Kevin Hale – 9740 5786

The Sunbury Daytime SIG has regular Subgroup meetings each month, each with a different main topic of interest. Each meeting is held in the back room at the Sunbury Senior Citizens Centre located at 8 O’Shannassy Street,  Sunbury  –  (Melway 382.E4).  The meetings all start at 9.30 am and finish at 12 noon.

Subgroup Meetings

January February to November December
New Users

This subgroup is especially for New users, but everyone
is welcome.

     No Meeting First Thursday First Thursday

This subgroup is especially for Advanced users, but
everyone is welcome.

No Meeting Second Thursday Second Thursday
Main Meeting

Our main monthly get together for Demos,
Presentations and other good stuff.

No Meeting Third Thursday No Meeting
Maintenance & Linux

Problems discussed, sometimes solved.  Linux – a new experience.

No Meeting

Fourth and Fifth *


No Meeting

* A meeting is also held on the fifth Thursday of the month, when there is one.

For further information you can reach us by email at   [email protected]    or   visit our website