Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation, in a nutshell is altering your website and content to gain a better page rank from search engines (Google, Bing ect.)


What this means is generally re-thinking your page content, layout and meta tags to improve your page rank. My favorite example of this is using location as part of search parameters.

Example, if I’m looking for a beautician in Mordialloc, I might type Mordialloc beautician in google and hit search. If Mordialloc followed by beautician appears in your website, you should be amongst the top ten responses. It is important to note the order of our keywords Mordialloc followed by beautician.

The following blurb would conform to my search parameters, Mordialloc based beautician specialising in …….. Alternatively if Mordialloc is in my page title and Beautician is in my title it should have the same effect.

If however my blurb read, Beautician located in Mordialloc, specialising in ……….. My site would no longer be in the top ten responses, however I should now be in the top ten responses for the search parameters Beautician Mordialloc!

A way to improve my rank for both search parameters may be by placing Beautician in my title and using the following Mordialloc based beautician specialising in …….. This way my keywords are Beautician(from the title)+Mordialloc from the text. My text also contains the keywords Mordialloc+Beautician in the text.

The first paragraph of a web page is held with great significance as it is assumed this is where the majority of real information relating to the site will be held. As it is text formatted as strings (paragraph) it is also checked for readability, this determines whether or not it is real information or a keyword dump e.g. the following is a keyword dump Beautician Mordialloc beautician, whereas Mordialloc based beautician specialising in …….. is a valid sentence. The search engine result could also be altered by adding the address of the Beautician to the footer of the page, followed by the name of the business (if it has Beautician in it), this could occur as name followed by ABN or copyright followed by the business name. This is a quick and easy method of ensuring all pages on the site will act as a response for the search parameters.



The Description tag is one of my favorites, as it gives the website creator the opportunity to determine the blurb that will be listed by google when referring to your website