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Our Rules and Management Committee

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Our Rules

You can download a copy of our Rules here

The purposes of the Association are to encourage the knowledge, enjoyment, and application of current and emerging Technologies to achieve, on a non profit basis, the following outcomes:

  • Advancing technological education and  literacy in all age groups;
  • Enabling members to put current Technologies to practical, creative, and responsible use for personal enjoyment or social good;
  • Promoting technological literacy and fact based reasoning in public debate, including law reform proposals;
  • Engaging with similar organisations; and
  • Carrying out activities that benefit the Association.

Our Management Committee

The Management Committee governs and manages the Melbourne PC User Group Inc, and is elected at the Annual General Meeting which is normally held in November each year.  Committee typically meets once each month.

The Management Committee for 2023/24 is …

Committee Executive:

President – Hugh Macdonald

Vice-President – Stephen Zuluaga

Treasurer – Peter McConnachie

Secretary – Kirsten Greed

Committee Members:

Robert Brown

Stewart Gruneklee

Harry Lewis

Mick Adams