2015-nov – AGM – Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Notices – 2015

DRAFT Minutes of 2015 AGM   download here


Earlier notices:

Voting to elect Committee members

  • List of Nominations & Candidate Supporting Statements (Returning Officer’s Report2 – 14-Oct-2015) – download here
  • All voting for Committee members is by Post (or hand-delivered to the Office)
    • votes must be received by 3:00pm Mon 2-Nov-2015 – now closed
    • Voting Slip (ballot paper, inc. instructions) — download here

Documents to be considered at AGM

  • Bring your membership card to the meeting – it will be required for voting on the Motions

  • AGM Agenda – see Notice of Meeting below
    • Includes Motions re changes to Rules
  • Minutes of last year’s AGM (Nov-2014) — download here
  • President’s Report — download here
  • Accounts — Treasurer’s reports for the 2014-15 Financial Year:
    • Financial Report for year ending 30-Jun-2015 — download here
      • Includes Statement of Financial Performance (Income and Expenditure), and
      • Statement of Financial Position (Assets and Liabilities)
    • Auditor’s Report for year ending 30-Jun-2015 (signed) — download here

Earlier Annual General Meeting (AGM) Notices …

  • AGM Meeting Date: Wed 4-Nov-2015
  • Notice of Meeting (Rev1) – 5 pages – includes AGM Agendadownload here
    • An earlier version of this notice was only 2 pages, and is now obsolete.
    • The revision is due to us not reaching a quorum at the Special General Meeting on 2-Sep. This revised version (5 pages) therefore includes many motions relating to changing our Rules (Constitution).
  • Nomination Form – download here
    • nominations for Committee — closed Friday, 2 Oct 2015 at 4:00 PM – now closed
    • Nominations received (Returning Officer’s Report1 – 2-Oct-2015) – download here
  • Proxy Form – download here
    • The proxy form is only for Motions at the AGM — the proxy form does not cover the election of Committee members (see below).
    • A proxy to be valid must be received at our offices at Level 1, 479 Warrigal Road, Moorabbin 3189 by 4.00 pm Monday 2nd November 2015 – now closed
    • Proxies are encouraged as we need a quorum – proxies count toward the quorum.
  • Complete set of MelbPC Rules (Constitution)

    • The complete current Rules (passed at AGM Nov2013) — download here.
    • The complete proposed Rules (inc. proposed changes) for vote at AGM 4-Nov-2015 — download here.
      • Updated 22-Oct-2015 – correcting a minor typo (an unwanted “45” at the end of the line “Division 2 …” immediately preceding Rule 45) – no other changes.