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Send your favorite web-site address to Ian Thomson  or Brigitte Graeve with your suggestions. if you think it is of wider interest to our members.

For about 200 varied free programs, includes many high quality standard utilities.
A more varied collection, includes some adware, or time limited demos, so watch carefully when installing

Amazing photography: Raindrops

If you would you like to learn another language, try Duolingo, it’s free, it’s fun and comprehensive.

Watch the changing “Seasons of Norway” – a timelaps adventure, superbly photographed Morton Rustard,

Graham suggests looking at the ” Auslogics Defrag program stating “It is simple and very fast compared with many other free programs available.” He adds “I have kept away from some of the other programs they promote such as registry clean up and a surplus file removal tool. I do not trust an automated program let loose in the registry.
For getting rid of temporary files I use CCleaner.” Your webmaster would agree fully with those sentiments adding that for most users will not need a defrag program beyond that included in Windows 7. For those who are regularly installing and uninstalling programs, Auslogic is a good choice …remembering that a solid-state drive (SSD) should not be defragged.

The website about passwords (what’s good, what’s not etc) referred to by Dennis at the June 6 meeting is:

An iCalendar (.ics) file of Australian Holidays suitable for the Lightning add-on to Thunderbird and for many other calendar and diary or information manager programs including Rainlendar is available from mozilla along with files of holiday dates in most other parts of the world.

An article on shortcut keys for Windows 7: includes the ” 20 top shortcuts ” and links to shortcut lists for IE, Firefox, Chrome and Office 2010: A complete guide to Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts – URL outdated – previously

How to use BCC in Outlook Express

Gizmo’s Editors’ Choice list of the Best PC Freeware: A list of software of all kinds with links to reviews and downloads.

If you are seeking a disk defrag program better than that in Windows, Graham Swanston’s suggestion is Smart Defrag 2  beta 1.2.1. It is available from many of the download sites or see Smart Defrag. Graham suggests: In the menu the most practical option appears to be the quick optimisation. The full optimization is too time consuming.

This is a site where you can just hum a tune, and it will come up with the song

Find any movie

See some good photography at updated daily.

WorldWide Telescope (Microsoft)- watch the sky…

DriveImage XML This is a very easy to use freeware program

Lynn Pollock’s Computer Service

Computer Swap Meets or ring 1300 088 858

Skype, Free your conversations. Skype-to-Skype calls are always free….

Firefly,a free to download software application which allows you to make and receive phone calls from your computer.

Engin Broadband and Phone plans

Free Translater Babelfish This site will translate your text to a language of your choice: french/italian/chinese…. – URL outdated – previously .   This McAfee site will: test the Web to help keep you safe from spyware, spam, viruses and online scams.

Any special sites:

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