Meeting Details: Melb PC Headquarters, Level 1, 479 Warrigal Rd, Moorabbin

Meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month
at Moorabbin club rooms.

This Special Interest Group (SIG) is a “Workshop” where our members can bring their projects along e.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi’s (plus a monitor, mouse, keyboard and power supply etc.), 3D printer or machining centre or any other hardware development and continue their work. This provides opportunity to share their learnings and progress and to obtain guidance from other members on their Projects.

We make use of the library area for software development tasks and the basement workshop for more hardware based activities. Our collection of tools and test gear is growing slowly as our project diversity increases.

So come along and join us and bring your favourite project along to share your experiences and aims for your projects.

Conveners: John Shirt 0409 568 267, Rob Brown 0419 285 806