DDS Signal Generator (Function Generator)

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DDS Signal Generator (Function Generator)

Article Written By Anonymous     Posted Date 07-06-2014
Project: DDS Signal Generator (Function Generator) based on the AD9850
Here’s a proposal for a group project. We could post here to exchange ideas, ask questions, and post our progress. Not everyone needs to build the same thing, e.g. you may use a 4 by 3/4 keyboard or a rotary your design..
Why make a DDS Function Generator based on the AD9850:
If you have a CRO then you will need a Function Generator to make the most of your CRO.

And you should be able to make one, as good if not better than a commercial one, for less than a bought one.

The AD9850 module costs less than the chip (AD9850), about $9 on ebay for the module.

You can find code on the net eg:

To start with you will need at lest the following:
1 or 2 AD9850 modules (we may need to modify this board) eg.
1 solderless breadboard and Some wires to connect your Arduino to the module eg.
1 Arduino (Uno or Mega) eg.





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