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Video Playback on the Raspberry Pi

Article Written By Anonymous    Posted Date 08-11-2012

Hi all
Just a quick note to those who were interested on Saturday about the playing of video files on the Raspberry Pi especially John Viney.

The files that won’t play, all have a frame rate of 50 fps from my PVR recordings. I found that avi files and Xvid files play ok.
Looks like I will need to find a setting to change this on future recordings.

Also for those interested the OS that I have loaded on the Raspi is Xbian 0.4.2 from here:
although there are other options. Some forum comments I have read suggested this was the faster OS image so far released. There is a version 0.5 now I see.

Under linux the application I used to install the image file ( .img) to the SD card was Image Writer. Note there is no bios on the Pi so there is no grub or other boot manager.
Generally these instructions
apply for Windows etc. but the linux command line method did not work for me but Image Writer was fine.